Mathu Vadalara review: Thriller with a dose of comedy

Mathu Vadalara is an intelligent, funny and an engaging film

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By: Vishwanath V/

Critic's Rating: 2.75/5

Friday 27 December 2019

Movie Title

Mathu Vadalara review: Thriller with a dose of comedy


Ritesh Rana

Star Cast

Sri Simha, Sathya, Naresh Agasthya, Vennela Kishore, Brahmaji

Mathu Vadalara, directed by debutant Ritesh Rana, is out in the theatres. Does it have substance or not? Find out in our review.

Babu (Sri Simha), Yesu (Satya) and Abhi (Naresh Agasthya) bond over their relatively poor lifestyles. They live in a shoddy room, struggling to earn enough salary to maintain themselves. Babu is dejected that he is unable to send money to his family from his earnings as a delivery boy. Soon, Yesu pollutes Babu's mind and brainwashes him to make money by deceiving customers. Babu falls for the temptation and attempts to cheat a loud-mouthed old woman in a high-end residential complex. The woman dies accidentally, leaving Babu shocked and petrified.

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Ravi (Vennela Kishore), Myra (Athulya Chandra) and a police constable (Brahmaji) populate the plot to add to suspense and confusion. How are these lives linked to the central plot? Can Babu come out of the situation? Answers to these questions are found in the second half.

Writer-director Ritesh Rana tells a not-so-novel story as a thriller with a dose of comedy. He conceives the screenplay in such a way that the audience keeps having too many questions. The film tantalizes the viewer with some clues here and there.

The initial scenes go into drawing sympathy for Babu, who is rather meek. His employer (SS Kanchi in a small role) exploits him and Babu wants to go back to his village. How greed can lead to extremely unpredictable situations is shown.

Enough comic touch is provided, thanks to the situational comedy. If Vidyullekha Raman triggers worries in Babu without her knowledge, Vennela Kishore looks somewhat irritated. Notably, the comedy faces don't do comedy in the film with the sole exception of Sathya, who gets to be a constant. He is the real show winner in this film.

When he is in trouble, Babu imagines his roommates by his side, an entertaining idea that offers the director scope to indulge in pop culture references. The second half unravels the main story, complete with a well-narrated flashback. The crime angle is not nail-biting. Among other issues of the film is Vennela Kishore's lack of seriousness in the movie. He plays a very serious role but his attitude is so casual which completely against the logic of the story. Same is the case with the attitude of Pavala Shyamala when she sees Sri Simha second time. There are also other logical issues.

Sai Simha makes a decent debut as actor. Sathya gives an overdose of himself but his comedy has worked well. On the other hand, Naresh Agasthya puts in a smart act. The other actors also fit the bill. The climax could have been tighter. It doesn't look convincing when an ordinary courier boy tries to escape from a scene of crime like an experienced criminal. When an accident takes place, your instinct will tell you to call others for help. You don't start fearing that you might be accused of killing the victim.

Kaala Bhairava's work as the music director is efficient. Suresh Sarangam's cinematography is a plus, while AS Prakash's production design is another merit. The new director is a promising talent. His screenplay is good.

Mathu Vadalara sets its premise in an exciting way. The characters are engaging. The conversations are most credible. The treatment is intelligent and funny, overall. However, the second half could have been more gripping.

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