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Monday 16 April 2007

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Cheran, Navya, Radha Ravi

We wish Cheran had whipped up a more winsome screenplay with Mayakannadi, which is based on middle class dreams turning sour due to lack of commitment. It's nowhere in the league of the talented director?s previous works like Autograph or Thavamai Thavamirunthu.

Here, Cheran has tried to prove that he can be a romantic hero, a city slicker in designer outfits, straightened hair and singing duets (with blonde wigs) like in a dream song Azhagu Rani shot in the lush locales of Switzerland and Venice and the dance number Oyeale Yenga Vantha. He moves away from his core strengths - human emotions, nostalgia and soft romance to a more direct up-market approach to woo the multiplex audience but falters!

Kumar (Cheran) an expert hair stylist and Maheswari (Navya) are lovers who work in Adam and Eve, adjacent beauty parlours for men and women owned by Tirupathi (Radha Ravi). They are from a lower middle class background and are smitten by the rich and famous who come to their parlour. The lovers dream to make it big one day, be rich and lead a good life. They try out various get-rich overnight short-cut routes like being LIC agents and finally Kumar decides to join films after meeting actor Sarathkumar (in a cameo) who says that if the right script comes even ?Kumar can be a hero!?

Greed and aspiration forces Kumar to chase his dream and in the race he loses his job at the parlour. He tries hard, with full support from Maheswari but ends up working for Arasu a sophisticated, aristocratic rich man and a shrewd businessman dealing in drugs. Kumar ends up in jail and after three years he is a changed man.

The first half has some lighter moments, it throws light on the way liberalisation has brought all pervading consumerism into the life of the lower middle class in our society. The greed to achieve all the latest gizmos and how the young generation is forgetting their roots, chasing their impossible dreams has been well told. The basic plot of the film is taken from an 80?s Malayalam film Akkare starring `Bharath` Gopi and Madhavi. Cheran?s intentions are noble but the execution has gone wrong, as the love scenes between the lead pair have, the jail episode and a song plus Radha Ravi?s lengthy speech in the climax- all tests your patience as the film runs for nearly 3 hours! Were editors Iyyappan & Rama Rao sleeping? However, the silver lining is Dwaraknath?s camera and Ilayaraja?s hummable songs.

Cheran`s message-The road to success is full of hardships and it does not come in a day. It?s better to be the number one at what you are, rather than aspiring to be someone else! After seeing the film, we hope that the director applies this message in his life by sticking to his core strength of direction rather than dabble in roles that just do not suit him.

Verdict: Average

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