Mayamohini is a easy watch

Mayamohini is a easy watch


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 08 April 2012

Movie Title

Mayamohini is a easy watch


Jos Thomas

Star Cast

Dileep, Biju Menon, Baburaj, Maithily, Lakshmi Rai

Director Jos Thomas? Mayamohini, is light and easy and enjoyable for the most part, as Dileep plays Biju Menon?s wife. In a fast moving storyline with plenty of twists and turns, Siby K Thomas-Udayakrishna scripting pattern never really expects the viewer to think too much.

Balakrishnan (Biju Menon) and his friend Lakshmi Narayanan (Baburaj) are venturing into certain ambitious projects, to rake in some quick moolah. They deal with a number of persons in the process and eventually end up in a terrible mess.

The initial sequences with the two actors who are the bright spots in the film which entertains the viewers. Baburaj, whose knack to tickle the funny bone has been discovered especially after Salt N? Pepper, is top notch in the entire film. His lines can leave the viewers in splits, big time.

Biju Menon too ably gives him good company and the two manage things in a humorous way, until Dileep makes his entry.

With his innate comic timing, Dileep has succeeded in making his transformation into a woman convincing. His character is that of a north Indian girl named Mayamohini. Things look hunky dory until the first half, after which the sequences get more serious.

The story tends to get a bit shaky from then on, but then there are some nice moments in between that make the going interesting. A lighter storyline, especially in the second half could have perhaps done wonders here.

Director Jos Thomas has perhaps intended the film as a wholesome entertainer, which need not be taken too seriously. Anil Nair?s visuals and Berny-Ignatius? music mostly suits the mood.

The film's real trump card, however, is Dileep who has taken real pain to present his character in an impressive way. The jokes comes flying at you from all directions, and it's hard not to break into laughs when Dileep participates in the silliness. His scenes with Biju Menon and Baburaj are easily the highlights of the film. Lakshmi Rai and Mythili have limited roles to play. The rest of the cast has done their parts in a fine way as well.

With a briskly paced first half and a more serious second half, Mayamohini still turn out to be a nice option, for the summer holidays.

Give it a chance, you'll come out smiling.

Verdict: Comedy Caper

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