Meesaya Murukku review: Clicks mainly because of real life connect

Adhi is average as an actor but his image holds the film

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 24 July 2017

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Meesaya Murukku review: Clicks mainly because of real life connect



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Adhi, Aathmika, Vivek, Vignesh, Sara

What works in favor of Meesaya Murukku, is Hiphop Tamizha's image and the biography angle associated with the film. Though Adhi himself mentions in the beginning that the film has a lot of fictional elements, we begin to see Meesaya Murukku  as his own story .

Adhi (played by Adhi himself) is a carefree youngster who always hangs out with his friend Jeeva. Adhi and Jeeva have great interest in music but the fire sparkles only after they face an embarrassing situation in college. The film is about how two young boys hailing from middle class families make it big in the independent music scene with necessary commercial ingredients including college comedy, romance and a family sentiment in the form of Vivek, who plays Adhi's dad.

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Director Adhi has used YouTube sensations for comedy sequences, which work in a few scenes but largely falls flat. However, they are purely aimed at the college crowd, who seems to be enjoying it.

The plodding romance sequence gets life only during the 'Vaadipulla' number. Adhi cleverly uses his two hit numbers 'Clubla Mubbula' and 'Vaadipulla' in the second half, which works big time and establishes an emotional connect. Vivek has been well utilized as a responsible yet modern dad, who is strict with the academics of his son but at the same time, gives green signal to his son's freedom.

Vignesh as Jeeva, Ananth Ram as the boxer brother of Adhi, and Sara as their senior in college are quite enjoyable while the rest of the actors doesnt impress us much. Adhi is average as an actor but his image holds the film, thanks to his crowd pulling power as an independent composer. Newcomer Aathmika looks comely and given an adequate performance.

To conclude, Meesaya Murukku is a decent debut directorial and heroic outing from Adhi, the film clicks mainly because of the real life connect.

Meesaya Murukku review - Verdict: Watchable

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