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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 10 August 2001

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Dharmesh Darshan

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"DEKHO 2000 `Mela` le aaya!" Oops! Isn`t it the beginning of a newmillennium? But why does the first release of the year have to take us backin the 60`s? Yes, Mela is a mixture of oldies like Sholay,Caravan, etc., the only difference being that here the Khan brothersare in charge.

The film starts with the title song Mela Dilon Ka... and by theend of it Rupa (Twinkle) loses her only brother (Ayub Khan) at the hands ofa dreaded dacoit Gujjar (Tinnu Verma). With no support in the form of a man,Twinkle sets out to seek revenge.

She is caught hiding in a truck by the truck`s drivers Kishan (AamirKhan) and Shanker (Faisal Khan). The two Khan siblings who also playbrothers in the movie deliver fruits by day and by evening they turn intoNautankiwallahs a la Caravan.

A song `n` dance later Kishan flips for Rupa`s charms, which she hasdeliberately ensured as she needs his support for her to avenge the death ofher brother.

A few misunderstandings and some songs later, both the truckers end thelife of the villain and everything is hunky-dory again.

The director has used all the cliches and formulas in the movie to lurethe front benchers. The hangover of his earlier flick Raja Hindustaniis quite evident in the manner in which the characters have been portrayed.

The ever-dependable Aamir is the only saving grace in this melee of gunsand horses. With his tapori (pedestrian) language he manages to makethe audience laugh, but that`s just once in a while. This film has beentouted as Faisal`s re-launch vehicle and may well stay in the film industry,if not for his acting prowess then for his physique. This film has one ofthe biggest roles Twinkle has playedso far. She tries very hard to emote while shedding tears.

Johny Lever in the role of a cop attempts some crass humour, but is quiteunsuccessful in the attempt. The menacing looking Tinnu Anand does justiceto his role.

Overall, Mela is not the best film to start the millennium with,but if you are an Aamir Khan fan you can tolerate it, but for his sakealone.

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