Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 20 April 2015

Movie Title



Nanjunda Krishna

Star Cast

Rajesh Krishnan, Chetan Gandharva, Karthika Menon

The one line summary of Melody is- all those who look handsome cannot act in a film! 

Melody, which has two leading singers, Rajesh Krishnan and Chetan Gandharva in the lead roles, is an old wine in the new bottle!

Hero Kiran (Rajesh Krishnan) is a software Engineer, who is a teetotaller and has no girl friends. While he is not interested in marriage, his sister is keen on getting him married. Meanwhile, he encounters Anu (Karthika Menon), a dancer and falls in love with her. Since he would have never approached a girl in his life, he seeks the help of his friend Madhu (Chetan Gandharva). Madhu befriends her in facebook and tactfully takes her number. Madhu pretends to be Kiran and proposes her; Anu, tells one of his friends Benny to ‘check on’ Kiran (Madhu). 

Will Benny be able to resolve the confusion and unite Kiran and Anu or is there a bigger twist in the film? Well, you can enjoy this ‘expected twist’ on silver screen.
Acting wise, all the four leading actors need some basic acting classes; Facebook is supposedly used to connect with people and here makers have tried to create a confusion, which can be called an oxymoron! Also, by continuously showing Facebook screen on the entire screen for more than five times, they only bring headache to the viewers.

The movie badly needs proper editing; in fact many short films and serials have already come up with such concepts! Neither the story nor the screenplay is new; even the expressions of these actors don’t make this movie worth watching. The movie also lacks good music and good dialogues. With such award-winning singers on board, the team could have worked hard in upgrading the music of the film.

Director Nanjunda Krishna has tried to apply ‘tele-serial formulae’ which has failed miserably!

Verdict: Avoid 

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