Meow review: A predictable family drama

Soubin Shahir and Mamta Mohandas shine in this conventional film

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Movie Title

Meow review: A predictable family drama


Lal Jose

Star Cast

Soubin Shahir, Mamta Mohandas

Director Lal Jose’s Meow is about a struggling NRI businessman, who lives in the Gulf region of Ras Al Khaimah.

Dasthakir (Soubin Shahir) was formerly a firebrand student activist, whose life changed drastically after he met with a fatal accident. He was returning home after a booze party with his friends when his car turned upside down, as he tried to save a cat on the road. His enmity with cats began then, which is constantly reminded in the movie.

His wedding was called off after his drunken driving incident. Later he marries the beautiful Sulu (Mamta Mohandas) and she had decided that they will have kids only after completing her studies. But that doesn’t happen and the couple have three kids.

When the story begins, Sulu has gone back to her parents’ home after the couple have a bitter fight. Dasthakir is taking care of the kids, with the help of his driver, Chandrettan. Dasthakir is running a supermarket, which he has named ‘Sulu’.

It is evident that the couple love each other, but their ego doesn’t allow them to reunite. Sulu gets jealous when a new maid named Jameela, who is from Azerbaijan and is staying there illegally after the expiry of her visa, takes charge and manages the house very well.

Though it is a rather predictable plot, Lal Jose manages to keep the story ahead adding some emotional moments and makes some statements.

In a role that he handles in a matured way, Soubin Shahir is convincing as Dasthakir and the struggles that he has to go through. Mamta Mohandas is good as Sulu. The rest of the cast have done their parts in a fine way.

Meow is narrated in a conventional way and if you are fine about that style, this one could be a fine watch.

Verdict: A conventional family drama 

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Soubin Shahir and Mamta Mohandas shine in this conventional film

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