Metro review: Average

Metro review- Average



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 24 June 2016

Movie Title

Metro review: Average


Anand Krishnan

Star Cast

Shirish, Sathya, Bobby Simha, Tulasi

Last week, film fraternities from Bollywood united to protest against the CBFC’s strict rules imposed on Udta Punjab. Thanks to Bombay HC, Udta Punjab was cleared with just one cut and enjoyed a good run in theaters across the country. Similar to Udta Punjab, director Ananda Krishnan’s Metro too was rejected by censor officials and after huge struggle, the team has got ‘A’ certificate. So what is Metro all about?

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It is all about motorcyle riding youth of Chennai, who takes to chain snatching and the murky underworld that deals in stolen gold. The film starts with a journalist (Shirish) who kidnaps a chain-snatcher and brutally tortures him to find the underworld gang that operates the organized crime in Chennai. There is a personal reason behind the journalist’s motive to demolish the chain snatching mafia—his mom (Tulasi) was murdered by one such chain-snatcher but the twist in the tale is that his young brother (Sathya) has done the crime.

Metro’s biggest strength is the detailing; the organized chain snatching episodes and the way the underworld operates have been filmed with great élan. Especially, the scene where Nishanth explains the basic prototype which must be followed before chain-snatching and why they target women is an eye opener for all general public. In fact, Metro shines only because of such finesse in the script and the technical team including Uthaya Kumar’s captivating cinematography and Johan’s apt background score add more value to the film.

On the downside, the film lacks effective performances. Bobby Simha’s role as a deadly gangster who mentors the chain snatchers is riveting and finally, we’ve got a chance to see him without his Rajinikanth hangover. Newcomer Shirish is adequate and has got looks but he must improve his dialogue delivery and body language. The miscast of the film is Sathya, who comes as the younger brother of Shirish.

Sathya can't emote properly and there is no consistency in his performance, in few scenes he looks convincing while in major portions, the actor could not carry the strong character. Because of such underwhelming performances, we do not invest much with the characters and the film only end up as a decent watch.

Overall, Metro has got a topical story but the ineffective performances make it plod, even though the film is just two hours.There is also a lot of violence in the film.

Metro review-Verdict: Average

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