Middle Class Abbayi review: Sai Pallavi-Nani chemistry is the highlight

Nani and Sai Pallavi's romantic thread is the major highlight in this otherwise regular commercial movie that is too bland



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Thursday 21 December 2017

Movie Title

Middle Class Abbayi review: Sai Pallavi-Nani chemistry is the highlight


Sriram Venu

Star Cast

Nani, Sai Pallavi, Bhumika Chawla, Vijay, Naresh, Aamani, Rajeev Kanakala

Nani (Nani) and Rajeev (Rajeev Kanakala) are brothers and they have thick bond between them. After Rajeev is married to Jyothy (Bhumika), Nani feels a gap is created between him and his brother. Frustrated Nani moves to his aunt’s house. Few months later, Jyothy, an RTO officer, gets transferred to Warangal and his brother asks Nani to leave for Warangal and stay with his Vadina. He reluctantly moves to Warangal.

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When Jyothy gets into loggerheads with Shiva (Vijay) who is operating buses without permissions, trouble brews. Shiva threatens to kill her in ten days. How Nani turns as hero of their family is what MCA is all about!

Director Sriram Venu's 'MCA' begins interestingly… Nani is waiting for a guy to come out from coma and then story moves to flashback. The story focuses on how his bond with his brother gets strained after the strict Vadhina enters the scene. The film turns fun when the story moves to Warangal and he falls in love with Chinni aka Pallavi (Sai Pallavi). As long as the movie is focussed on the cute romance, it is engaging.

Sai Pallavi herself proposes to Nani, and takes his number promising to call. Expecting a call from her, Nani goes near the cell tower to get crystal clear call. Such fun scenes are cute and entertaining. Along this romantic thread and two catchy duets, the film also unravels the story of Shiva, the cruel private bus operator in Warangal, and his duel with Bhumika. Till the intermission, it moves smoothly with doses of fun.

As it happens to most of the movies, the second half turns into a one-note drive. By interval it is established that villain vows to kill Bhumika and Nani says he would protect her at any cost. This single thread occupies the entire second half. When writing is clever, even this can be made into quite engaging fare. But Venu Sriram and his writers have faltered here. The tricks they have employed here is not fool proof. All the sequences are flat and predictable.

We may recall that films like Racegurram have also gone similar way (brother is replaced with Vadhina). Hence, the writers should have come up with taut screenplay in the second half. Also the bus-operator mafia would have suited well if the background is Vijayawada than Warangal.

The role that Nani has played in this movie is almost tailor-made for his language and his image. Nani has become popular for these kind of roles and he once again shines. This time he has also tried to show the other side - the action hero. After Nani, the movie belongs to Bhumika, his vadina. As a courageous government officer, a strict sister-in-law, Bhumika has played the role perfectly.

The Fidaa girl charms us again with her expressions and her simple yet chirpy performance. She also shares terrific chemistry with Nani. Her dancing is a treat to watch in the song “Evandoyee Nani Garu”. Bollywood actor Vijay in his debut in Telugu as villain has come up with neat performance, he resembles young Raghuvaran but his characterisation is a little weak. Rajeev Kanakala and Aamani are okay. Priyadarshi and other comedians are functional.

Like always, Sameer Reddy’s cinematography is the major strength. His evocative camera eye captures the beautiful Laknavaram Lake, Kakatiya Fort and other locations of Warangal really well. The film is shot in real locations lending credibility to the plot. Music by Devi Sri Prasad is mostly repetitive of his earlier work, yet couple of songs like “Kotthaga Kotthaga”, “Evandoy Nani Garu” are catchy. Dialogues are good.

As writer and director, Venu Sriram has shown his strength in romantic sequences and some comedy portions.

'MCA' starts off well and engages the audiences with cute romance and some fun elements. The entire first half is neat and entertaining. However, it drifts away soon and turns too predictable. Nani and Sai Pallavi's romantic thread is the major highlight in this otherwise regular commercial movie that is too bland.

Middle Class Abbayi review: 2.75 stars

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Telugu Overseas‏ @TeluguOverseas

Routine.. nothing new. One time watchable at max. Don't go with any expectations. @NameisNani #MCA #MiddleClassAbbayi

Dilip Kumar‏ @DiliKadiyala
#MiddleClassAbbayi hearing below average reports !!Once again its proved Wen content is less & expectations are high Collect as much u can before #WOM !!It's sure #Hello theatres will increase from Sunday

Siddhu Manchikanti‏ @TravelwithSid
Commercial Hit : No | Recommended : No | Did I enjoy watching : Up to Comedy scenes | Boring : 80% | Verdict : Below Average

సాయి S Ai @Satyasai24x7
A race Gurram with a Vadhina.
This Natural Gurram Tried to repeat The Nenu Local's feat but terribly disappointed the audience by joining hands with a Poorly written script. #MCA

Kakumani Avinash‏ @IamUrAvinash
First half Comedy &Romantic second half Action Overall Story is Routine but Treatment Good With out Bour Nice Try @NameisNani for the First Time He Tried Mass Look

Movie Addict!‏ @movie_veriyan
#MiddleClassAbbayi #MCA —- SLEEPER CLASS Abbayi ..... you can sleep nicely @NameisNani @idlebrainjeevi

Arun Goud‏ @arungoudkag
So with Average WOM For #MiddleClassAbbayi
@SVC_official Missed Double Hat-trick & @NameisNani Missed his Hat-trick and ended his 7 Consecutive Hits at Box-office
Hope #KAY works well

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