Miffed with fans Zayn calls Gigi Hadid 'The most amazing Woman'

Last Updated: Fri, Apr 05, 2019 16:03 hrs

Zayn Malik is upset after a series of tweets he posted on Wednesday were linked to his ex Gigi Hadid. He took to his Twitter and expressed his anger on over-speculative fans.

The 'Dusk Till Dawn' singer posted a series of cryptic messages on Wednesday, which the fans decoded them to be about Gigi Hadid.


"My tweet was not about @GiGiHadid so leave her the f-- alone she is the most amazing woman I've ever known," he explained, before adding that Hadid "does nothing but love and support me when lord knows I don't deserve it," Zayn wrote in a tweet.

"So if you have anything to say @ me and I'll put you the f-- straight", an angry Zayn asserted.

Hadid also tweeted on Thursday after her and Krost's friendship was judged by fans.

"If you outlets are going to continue writing bs headlines every time I'm seen with a friend of the male gender then there's gunna be a lot of unneeded confusion," she tweeted.

Gigi and Zayn reportedly

are reported to have separated in January after the duo came together in 2015. (ANI)