Minors caught watching `7-GRainbow Colony`

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 25, 2004 13:46 hrs

The regional censor board in Chennai cracked down on a theatre screening 7-G Rainbow Colony which carries an ‘A’ certificate with minors (those below 18 years) attending the show!

It happened last Tuesday for noon show at Udayam complex in Chennai where the film is still running to packed houses. Somebody tipped off the censors who along with local police conducted a raid and found a large number of minors in the theatre.

The police however let off the minors with a warning not to watch ‘A’ films till they are 18 and arrested four people attached to the theatre including the booking clerk who sold the ticket, the usher who took the minors to the seat, the theatre manager and one of the partners of the theatre complex.

The censors crackdown on the theatre and the staff has send shock waves in the trade.