Moh Maya Money review: Complex treatment mars the experience

Moh Maya Money review: Complex treatment mars the experience

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 25 November 2016

Movie Title

Moh Maya Money review: Complex treatment mars the experience


Munish Bhardwaj

Star Cast

Ranvir Shorey, Neha Dhupia

Money is the hottest topic in the Indian scenario today, and Moh Maya Money, a "white collar crime" drama, adds to the mass hysteria of the moment. But unfortunately, the hype of the film has nothing to do with the prevailing situation in the country. Instead, focussing on a couple in a dysfunctional relationship, it is a tale of greed and the age-old truth that crime does not pay.

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Set in Delhi, te story is about Aman Mehra, a smooth talking, real estate agent who is married to Divya, a television news producer. Aman's only aim in life is to get rid of his "middle-class" tag and in his endeavour to become rich, with his warped bent of mind, he follows a perverted path.

The script written by director Munish Bhardwaj has a convoluted screenplay. Narrated in a non-linear fashion with different, points of view, the plot gets repetitive, boring and tiresome. While the story is interesting and the tale evenly paced, the narrative drags and the consequence is predictable.

While most of the supporting characters are one-dimensional souls, what keeps you glued to your seat is the quirky and complex characterization of its lead cast.

The film is Ranvir Shorey's canvas, being a natural actor with limited means, he delivers half-heartedly as Aman Mehra. He shines in some scenes as a weak human being and he sleep walks through the others. He is aptly and efficiently supported by Neha Dhupia, whose strong personality befits Divya. Together they make the perfect, odd couple.

In a fairly small but prominent role, Vidhushi Mehra as Bhavna - the pregnant woman who hounds the police to search of her missing husband Rohan, makes her presence felt with her naturally flawless histrionics. Her pain is palpable on screen.

Ashwath Bhatt as Divya's boss Kabir and Devendra Chowhan as the main antagonist are perfunctory.

With moderate production values, the film is more like an intriguing television show with Shoumini Ghosh Roy and Dhruv Satija's fine production designs, Arun Varma's functional camera work and fine editing by Hitesh Kumar.

Tuomas Kantelinen's music along with the sound designed by Resul Pookutty and Bikal Pradhan do not elevate the viewing experience.

Moh Maya Money is a decent film to keep yourself busy.

Moh Maya Money: 2 1/2 stars.

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