Mohanlal's Australian show becomes controversial

Last Updated: Wed, Jun 13, 2018 15:15 hrs

If you have been following the social media discussions during the past few days, there are comments about a “lip sync” issue, during a recent show led by Mohanlal in Australia.

The video where Mohanlal is seen keeping the microphone away from his lips even after the track started playing has gone viral. The video is said to be from the Mohanlal Show at an Australian city.

Actress Prayaga Martin and Mohanlal are seen singing the golden song from the past, Chandrikayil aliyunnu chandrakantham... in that video.

As per some reports this has affected the demand for the following shows and there has been a cut in the ticket rates after this incident.

However, there has been no official statements regarding this incident and the authenticity of the stories have not been confirmed as yet.

There was a huge controversy in Thiruvananthapuram some years back during the launch of the “Lalisom” show and Mohanlal had returned his remuneration after his lip sync revealed that he was not singing live.