Mohini 9886788888

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Thursday 17 August 2006

Movie Title

Mohini 9886788888


S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu

Star Cast

Audhitya, Sada, Anu, Rajesh, Riyaz Khan, Suhasini

Acclaimed director S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu seems to be following the compromise route to win over the box office. He has made this horror film sans any logic and sense. A dead lady inside a concrete wall coming out often to take revenge on those who had cheated her is a very old formula. And how can a reputed director like Rajendra Singh picked this hotchpotch storyline with lack of substance?

Mohini (Poonam) is raped by Riyaz, ditched by lover Rajesh and finally in the pregnant stage she is murdered by someone. Who has done it, is the suspense part of the film which unfolds in the last two reels of this murder mystery. Varun (Audhitya) and Sumana (Sada) are both working on this as a COD officer and as a journalist respectively. On the other hand the murdered Mohini takes the toll one by one calling from No.98867 88888. Finally the revenge reaches the peak point. Riyaz Khan is trying to escape from the country and on the other hand the child of Varun family ? her sister's daughter is behaving haphazardly. How Mohini is checked and who has done the murder forms the rest of the story!

Audhitya and Sada have done well. Nazer has a peculiar role with pig in his hand. Poonam who plays the role of Mohini is convincing. Rajesh, Komal, Bullet Prakash, Anu have adds ample support. Hamsalekha has provided three good tunes and tolerable background score. The high point of this film is the cinematography of R.Giri.

Verdict ? Average

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