Molly Aunty Rocks

Molly Aunty Rocks


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 17 September 2012

Movie Title

Molly Aunty Rocks


Ranjith Sankar

Star Cast

Revathy, Prithviraj

How many times have you seen the story of a middle aged women being told in Malayalam, where it is about her grit and not about her tears? Not many for sure, but Ranjith Sankar?s Molly Aunty Rocks presents such a cute little tale.

Molly Aunty (Revathy) is a bank clerk working in a remote village in Palakkad and managing things on her own. She has just rejoined the bank, after living in the US for almost twenty years and hopes to take a retirement soon, to go back to her family.

Her husband Benny (Lalu Alex) hails from a wealthy family from Thrissur and lives in the US with the couple?s two daughters. Molly Aunty?s distinct style, the love-hate relationship with her mom-in-law and her disciplined ways at the office are quite a delight to watch.

Writer-director Ranjith Sankar, who made the excellent movie Passenger and a rather disappointing Arjunan Sakshi, dares to tread through some simple but often ignored areas with this story of an eminently likeable woman, who should be somewhere around the fifties in her age.

The story takes a rather interesting turn when Molly Aunty has a showdown with an arrogant and egoistic IRS officer named Pranav Roy (Prithviraj). It?s quite refreshing that the relationship between a man and a woman goes beyond love or lust, on the screen.

With a storyline that is inherently sincere, the director succeeds in presenting a story, which can be related to by most of the viewers. Though the story is unveiled in a leisurely pace at times, this is one script that needs a pat on the back for its sincerity and merits. The characters presented in the film are real and the situations are indeed natural. Sujith Vasudev?s visuals and Anand Madhusoodanan?s music have helped the film tremendously for sure.

But then, this is Revathy?s film. In a performance that will leave a smile on the viewers? face most of the time, Revathy makes Molly Aunty convincing and charming. In his brief role, Prithviraj makes his presence felt quite effortlessly. And the supporting characters all gets an identity of their own, be it Lalu Alex?s loving husband, KPAC Lalitha?s mom-in-law, Mamukkoya?s lawyer, Sunil Sukhada?s IT official, Sharath?s priest or Shivaji Guruvayur?s bank manager.

Molly Aunty Rocks is a gripping and engaging tale of a woman, who is well aware about what she wants from life. She is egoistic but her thoughts are noble.

Don?t miss this one!

Verdict: Good

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