Moodar Koodam

Moodar Koodam



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 14 September 2013

Movie Title

Moodar Koodam



Star Cast

Naveen, Sentrayan, Rajaj, Oviya

Debutant Naveen, a new generation director makes a decent debut in Pandiraj produced Moodar Koodam. However the quirky story and presentation falls short of being great, as it drags big time.

The story is straightforward but takes a long, long time to unfold. The four protagonists are unemployed youths who have their horror story to tell. They meet up at a police station and come together for a robbery. They plan to walk into the house of a ?rich? businessman who is going on a pilgrimage with his family. Their carefully laid out plan goes awry as the unexpected happens.

The dialogues are loaded with messages and humorous but too many beeping for the ?U? Certificate spoils the fun. However it is a stark reminder of the society we live in, and it has been put across quite effectively. Naveen is influenced by the masters of black humour Tarantino and Ritchie in the way he has presented the film.

There are too many characters confined to a house where a good part of the story takes place and scenes are long, hampering the narration. The black humour works to a certain extent, but there are irritating flashbacks that stick out like a sore thumb.

All the lead characters are new faces and among the lot, Naveen as the hero and Sendrayan are ok, while the rest are wooden. In the supporting cast Jayaprakash, Anupama Kumar and Oviya prop up the film. The child artists in the film are terrific especially the little girl who attends Jayaprakash?s calls and tells that her mom and dad are having a bath together.

It looks like Moodar Koodam was meant to be a short film that became a 2 hours 29 minutes full length feature, and it shows in the making. Long drawn out unwanted scenes like lead characters and a dog?s flashback?s hamper the proceedings. Natarajan Sankaran?s music is ok but does not fit in with the theme of the film.

On the whole it is a different film that should be applauded for swimming against the tide, though it works only in bits and pieces.

Verdict : Above Average

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