Moscowin Kaveri

Moscowin Kaveri


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 27 August 2010

Movie Title

Moscowin Kaveri


Ravi Varman

Star Cast

Rahul Ravindran, Samantha, Harshavardhan

Ravi Varman is an eye-catching cinematographer, but as a director his maiden film Moscowin Kaveri is a disaster.

It has no basic framework of cinema. The film is tackily executed and suffers from lack of a script, no cohesion between scenes making the viewers squirm in their seats.

The screenplay is a mess right from scene one, caring a whit for sense logic and even continuity. Moscow (Rahul Ravindran) is working in a software company who falls head over heels with Kavery (Samantha), another IT professional.

They are born in a village, so the director wants to convey that they are innocent but live in a city where the police commissioner?s wife get murdered in cold by a thug Azhagu (Harshvardhan)!!

Initially Kavery does not respond to Moscow?s obsessive love but 10 minutes later relents and they start living together. After a couple of songs and some romantic scenes, they fall apart over a minor misunderstanding.

The bad guy on the run from the cops takes shelter in their palatial bungalow, while they are away on work. As the killer chains them in their own house together under difficult circumstances they come to know each other better. The police commissioner shoots the villain and the couple is reunited. Yawn!

The film is supposed to be a love story but the chemistry between the lead pair is a damp squib. It looks like the whole film was made as a video photo shoot for Samantha with some beautiful stunning visuals.

Rahul is wooden while Harshavardhan growls like a clich?d bad guy you have seen in so many scenes. Post interval Santhanam?s comedy track is thrust into the film to make it longer (thank god film is under 2 hours), but it falls flat.

The only silver lining in otherwise an embarrassingly bad film is Thaman?s music, which has been shot like music videos. On the whole it is an amateurish attempt at filmmaking. No wonder the producer kept the film in the box for nearly two years!

Verdict- Stay Away

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