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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 23 February 2007

Movie Title



Radha Mohan

Star Cast

Prakash Raj, Pritviraj, Jyothika, Swarnamalya

No larger than life hero, No aruvaal attacks, no blood and gore, no loud villains, no punch line dialogues, no crass comedy, no skin show and no item numbers?? Then what? The answer is blowing in the wind- Mozhi. Here is the verdict:- A feel good love story.

Director Radha Mohan has once again proved that he can make a pucca family entertainer with characters that you can relate to. Mozhi is indeed gutsy, feel-good, real solid movie within the framework of commercial cinema. It is an entertainer with a simple straightforward story; knock out performance from the lead actors, melodious music and a glossy look.

Karthik (Pritviraj) and Viji (Prakash Raj) are close buddies who are keyboard players in music director Vidyasagar?s team. They are brilliant in their work of re-recording and background score. They are fun loving, witty and share a great rapport. They come to live in an apartment complex where they meet a handful of interesting people. Their neighbour and flat secretary Ananthakrishnan (Brahmanandam) is not too happy about two bachelors occupying the flat and asks them to leave as it is against the rules.

One day Karthi sees a girl (Jyothika) on the road and he is quite impressed by her attitude and guts. Later he understands that she is Archana, a deaf and mute girl who lives in the same complex. Karthi falls in love with her and the friends try to find out more about her from Archana?s best friend Sheela (Swarnamalya). Karthi learns sign language and decides to make Archana his life partner, though she considers him as a good friend. The rest of the story is agony, pain and sacrifices they go through till the climax.

It is the simplicity of narration, the dialogues and emotions that makes Mozhi worth watching. Full marks to Viji for those witty one-liners and clever lines that will make you laugh your heart out. Radha Mohan wonderful economy of expressions and deliberate silences imbue the film with a poetic resonance. The camera of K.V.Guhan provides the right lighting especially the indoors that look chic and ethnic with Kathir aesthetically designed sets.

Radha Mohan?s keen sense for detailing in terms of the look, feel and colour schemes giving the film a rich look is commendable. Mohan has also been able to extract spellbinding performance from all the actors especially Jyothika, who is natural and outstanding. In a role that any actor would tend to overact or ham, she has been able to get the right expression using her eyes to the maximum (remember that we were critical about her much raved about performance in Chandramukhi!). Hats off Jo, your swansong is memorable. The climax scene where she breaks down is real and will stay with you for long.

Both Prakash and Pritviraj gives the film some of its best comic moments. They simply rock along the supporting cast of Brahmanandam and M.S.Bhaskar. The best thing about the comedy in Mozhi is that it is not the slapstick kind. The cockroach scene and the Brahmanandam-Prakash oneman- upman ship game are rib tickling. Pritviraj as the cool dude looks good and is first class. The way he cottons up his ears and goes on the streets is outrageously funny.

After a long time, Vidyasagar has come out with soothing gems like Katrin Mozhi? and the catchy Sevvanam Selaikatti? with meaningful lyrics by Vairamuthu along with precise and perfect song placement by the director. Vidya?s background score and re-recording is far superior to others in the business!

On the whole, Radha Mohan and producer Prakash Raj pushes the cinematic envelope and brings a savvy freshness to Tamil commercial cinema. For this alone they deserve a big applaud. Go and enjoy Mozhi.

Verdict: Good

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