Mr Chandramouli review: This cocktail is a time-pass entertainment!

If you are looking for time pass entertainment then the film is a one-time watch!

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 06 July 2018

Movie Title

Mr Chandramouli review: This cocktail is a time-pass entertainment!



Star Cast

Karthik, Gautham Karthik, Regina, Varalakshmi

Loosely based on true events, about recent crimes in call-taxis there’s so much potential here and director Thiru has tried his best to package it as a slick affair with all the commercial ingredients. But has he succeeded? Well we'll find out!

Raghav (Gautham Karthik) and his dad the happy-go-lucky Chandramouli (Karthik) leads a picture perfect life. Dad lovingly makes dosas for his boxer son, cracks jokes at all times and dotes on his old Padmini car. Raghav on the other hand is a champion who keeps winning all the time and has a sponsor in Vinayak (Santhosh Pratap) CEO of an upcoming call-taxi GoTaxi.

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Azhagar (Mahendran) is the owner of Garuda Call Taxi the No:1 in the city and Vinayak wants to be as successful as him. Suddenly a spate of crimes start happening in Vinayak's taxis and there are no surprises here as it is Pugazhendi (Mime Gopi) the henchman of Azhagar who is behind it. But there is a big twist and that makes the film interesting in the second half.

Thiru has mixed emotion, romance, comedy, action, sports, suspense, a rare medical condition and thriller elements at one go... What’s interesting is that this cocktail somehow works. And for audiences seeking entertainment there are some clever moments. Technically, Sam CS shines with the background score department. The songs are also quite catchy, especially the Yedhedho (shot beautifully) and Rajaadhi Raja track.

Richard M Nathan is the name directors can trust for films which required stunning visual output within the limited budget and editor Suresh has done a commendable job in maintaining the length of the film at 140 minutes.

On the downside, songs come one after another and disturb the narration. The romance between Raghav and Madhu( Regina) is too quick and unconvincing. Varalakshmi shines in a small part in the second half, while her character is half-baked.

Gautham Karthik, in fact, is in pretty good form and it should be his career best performance. He does eye-popping number of stunts which are choreographed brilliantly and in the second half he scores with a rare medical problem. Regina and Varalakshmi are passable, while Sathish and Mahendran  has nothing much to do. Mime Gopi is adequate. Santhosh Pratap as the main villain looks good, flex his muscles like few can but his acting chops need work. Karthik hams and tries to best to make the extremely affable title character of Mr Chandramouli work!

Despite its bumps, the film is seldom boring and there's a lot to appreciate here. If you are looking for time pass entertainment then the film is a one-time watch!

Mr Chandramouli review: One-time watch

Reactions from Social Media:
Sreedhar Pillai @sri50

#MrChandramouli #Karthik & @Gautham_Karthik coming together is the USP, father-son bonding & emotional connect drives the film especially last 25 minutes which is riveting. Rich production values.

Sidhu @sidhuwrites
#MrChandramouli: Like Naan Sigappu Manidhan, @dir_thiru introduces a weakness for the protagonist and builds his story around the tackling of the same. Nice new stride with the idea and incidents surrounding it.

Kaushik LM @LMKMovieManiac
#MrChandramouli 1st half - Call taxi crimes add violent drama and conflicts to the plot. Has all the other commercial elements - romance, father - son sentiments, comedy, a sporting hero etc. @Gautham_Karthik - @ReginaCassandra make a good pair. @samcsmusic impresses overall!

Prabhu Raj @Prabrrr
#MrChandramouli is really good. Thiru is undoubtedly one of the best directors in Tamil industry. Gautham Karthik is evolving into a versatile actor. Just my opinion.

Prashanth Rangaswamy @itisprashanth
You should give a gift to #MrChandramouli cinematographer @varusarath , you looked so pleasent in the movie, a character to remember for sure.

Rigeft @Rigeft
#MrChandramouli Gowtham karthik's best . His acting is too good . Gowtham is a raw performer like vijay sethupathy . Awesome movie . Navaraya Nayagan karthik Best movie of the year

Arif @muthusubanya
Watched #MrChandramouli . Decent thriller movie. Karthick and Gautham does a Good job!!! One time watchable!!!

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