'Mr. X' Review: Steer clear of this 'Hollow Man' wannabe


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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 18 April 2015

Movie Title

'Mr. X' Review: Steer clear of this 'Hollow Man' wannabe


Vikram Bhatt

Star Cast

Emraan Hashmi, Amyra Dastur, Tanmay Bhatt, Arunoday Singh

Lo and Behold here's yet another film from the Vikram Bhatt factory!

The film is a merry melange of a tired story, terribleperformances, unintentionally hilarious scenes and elevator music-typebackground score. A film with decade-old storytelling technique andsensibility, with an invisible hero as its only gimmicky sellingpoint. And oh, this is a film that names its fat characters Popo(played by a dazed Tanmay Bhatt).

An anti-terrorism department officer Raghu (Emraan Hashmi) is inlove with a colleague Milli (Amyra Dastur). They are the best officersin the business, we're told, a fact that we constantly questionthrough the movie.

Post the murder of a chief minister, the bad guys are after Raghu,who has somehow been implicated in the crime. On the brink of deathand badly burnt, he is saved by the above-mentioned Popo who takes himto a medicine research lab. He is advised that drinking up ananti-radioactive potion (that has never been tested) will either killhim or cure him completely. When Raghu drinks it up, we see tackyspecial effects, all inspired from films like 'Hollow Man'.

But that's not all. As Emraan is hamming it up and screaming andthe special effects are showing his skin disappear, Vikram Bhatt cutsto the shot of Krishna's idol and puts in the sound of a conch shell.

So now we understand, after including many shots of a flute-holdingKrishna statue, that this is all God's will. "But why would God wantthis?" asks a befuddled Raghu who has now become totally invisible.Finally, the film and Raghu deduce that God made him invisible so thathe can avenge his sorry state. 'If the devil hides and works, god alsowill have to hide and work,' philosophizes this dim version of Mr.India.

So he sets about to kill the very people, who, and listen to this,Milli is duty-bound to protect. But she has begun to hate him, yousee. She's a top cop and all, but does not doubt any foul play whenRaghu is implicated in the Chief Minister's murder.

Funnily, when she does find out his state, she's not the least bitshocked (heck, being taken aback over an invisible guy is for sissies,and outside the realm of a Vikram Bhatt movie). Instead, she exchangesheavy-duty dialogue and follows orders to nab him.

For a film with selling points being the invisible man gimmick andEmraan Hashmi  it's strange that both are terribly underutilized.Hashmi, having made some really interestingchoices recently, falls back into formula mode, with this travesty.The character has no layers or complexity, and doesn't even helpanother soul when he's invisible, obsessed as he is with his sillyrevenge. Clearly, Hashmi is uninspired and one can't blame him.

Amyra Dastur, who looks almost malnourished, was far better in herdebut film 'Issaq'. Here, she is made to totter in high heels and ashort skirt on cop duty, and say dialogue like, "Jo gayab hote hain,unhe nahane ki zaroorat padti hai?" (Do invisible people need to takea bath?) Arunoday Singh is fairly good as the high-strung ACP.

The film leaves us with several questions  Why is this film in 3D?Why is he named Mr. X? If he can be seen in sunlight, then how does hedisappear sometimes? Which newspaper would carry a headline that says 'Is Mr. X a good, bad man'.

How one wishes Vikram Bhatt would use all his faculties and make asolid film like '1920' once again! This film has recent Bhatt stapleslike synthetic black-and-white characters,stock dialogue that does not suit the characters, God references,lilting songs with dialogues in the middle, and plasticky romance thatyou never warm up to.

But the central flaw with the film is Mr. X himself who neverpiques our interest and is as hollow inside as he is on the outside.Steer clear.

Rating: One star

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