Mudhugauv review: Tedious watch!

Mudhugauv review: Tedious watch



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 14 May 2016

Movie Title

Mudhugauv review: Tedious watch!


Vipin Das

Star Cast

Gokul Suresh, Arthana

For all those who have forgotten this, Mudhugauv is the word used for ‘kiss’ in the Mohanlal-Sobhana classic hit, Thenmavin Kombathu. 

In his Mudhugauv, debutant director Vipin Das has made a title using that word and has painfully created a story to somehow give relevance to the title. In all fairness, he succeeds in giving some fine moments here and there, but goes wrong by casting non actors with no acting bones to claim.

Bharath (Gokul Suresh, actor and Rajyasabha MP Suresh Gopi’s son with his dad’s branded on-screen name) is a youth who can’t control his urge to kiss! He meets Ganga (Arthana) just by chance and is smitten instantly by her ample charm. She doesn't reciprocate the feelings and he is desperately trying to impress her.

Cut to the real hero, a fiery underworld don named Ramakrishnan Bonappad aka Rambo, played by Vijay Babu, who is there evidently for the only reason that he is the film’s producer. With a silly wig and shades, he tries to act scary but looks funny… even when he is killing everyone whom he hates.

The story is how Bharath brings trouble for Rambo and believe it or not, it is due to a kiss as well.

There are some funny scenes involving Soubin Shahir and Hareesh Perumanna, which is indeed entertaining. But that track, which could have worked for this film’s advantage, is lazily done.

Among the two newcomers who come in the lead, Arthana makes some impression and scores easily over Gokul, who does his part as if in some amateurish short film. 

Mudhugauv has not much to say and the story goes along without any real focus all along. All this film manages to do during its two-hour duration is some chuckles here and there. If that’s all you need at the cinemas, you give this one a try.

Mudhugauv review: Verdict: Tedious watch

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