Muktha - Exploited by her father!

Last Updated: Thu, Oct 16, 2008 06:28 hrs

Remember Bhanu alias Muktha George, the heroine of Hari’s Vishal starrer Thamarabharani?

The young Malayalee girl held a press conference in Kochi alleging that her father was trying to sabotage her career.

She also alleged that her father has walked away with her life savings - all the money she made from movies. A few days earlier Muktha's dad George had held a press conference where he had said that his wife and her relatives have swindled all the money and he and his aged parents were thrown out of their house.

To clarify George’s allegations Muktha's mother Sally George and her relatives held a press meet. Says Muktha, who was sobbing throughout the press meet: " When I was studying in UKG, my father for no particular reason, deserted my mother. Those days we did not have money to buy some pills and commit suicide! My mother and my uncles worked hard by starting a beauty parlour and gave tuitions to support us."

When Muktha was doing her 8th standard, she made her debut in Lal Jose's off-beat Malayalam film ironically titled Achan Urangatha Veedu (The house where dad does not sleep). Soon, seeing her potential in films, her dad after many years came back and took over her career.

"It was the biggest mistake we made in our lives after Appa took over my career. He not only messed up my life, but also took all our savings, as the bank account and locker was in his name. He also forced me to wear skimpy clothes for a Tamil film (Thamarabharini?). Which father will do all this to his daughter?", asked Muktha, who broke down at the press meet.

Muktha's is a sad story that is happening in many households in Kerala, as the acting bug and lure of big screen catches on.