Mullamottum Munthiricharum

Mullamottum Munthiricharum


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 14 July 2012

Movie Title

Mullamottum Munthiricharum


Aneesh Anwar

Star Cast

Indrajith, Thilakan, Ananya, Meghna Raj

How many times have we seen an uneducated, daredevil tough nut in some remote village getting reformed after some predictable incidents? As it is mandatory in such themes, a beautiful girl will fall desperately with the villain turned hero with a heart of gold, in between and makes the process easier.

If you are not yet tired with such overtly melodramatic story situations, debutant director Aneesh Anwar?s Mulllamottum Munthiricharum recreates it all. With a lousy script, ordinary production values and less than impressive acting in general, the film disappoints big time.

Churatta Jose (Indrajith) is ready to do any kind of job. He fears none, except the priest Vazhakkula Achan (Thilakan). After an incident of mistaken identity, he has to take care of Ranimol (Ananya) and her dad. Sometime later, Suchitra (Meghna Raj), her ailing dad and elder sister start living in his house.

A few not so great twists ?n? turns, some fights, confusions and romance later, the film ends but not before testing your patience. Aneesh Anwar has narrated a story, which would have been just about okay, if told twenty years back. The visuals are fine at best, some of the songs are nice but the background score is often irritating.

Indrajith has been consistent with his performances but this is not one role that can define his talents. Ananya hams it up and Meghna Raj looks confused. Thilakan is good but how many times have we seen him playing similar kinds of roles!

Mullamottum Munthiricharum is like someone using a pager to send a text during the times when a cell phone can do it in a better way. If you insist on going for thoroughly old-fashioned movies narrated in a routine format, this one can be okay in parts. For the rest of the world, go for some nice new DVD to spend your time.

Verdict: Below Average

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