Mumbai Godfather

Source: Sify

By: By Taran Adarsh (IndiaFM)

Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 26 September 2005

Movie Title

Mumbai GodFather


Deepak Balraj Vij

Star Cast

Seema Biswas, Govind Namdeo, Manoj Joshi

Mumbai Godfather, directed by Deepak Balraj Vij, comes a bit too late primarily because such issues have been tackled by storytellers so many times in the past that the viewer of today is just not interested in watching it again and again, even in new avatars.

Romeo [Vikram Singh] is in love with Shalu [Rinku], a pub dancer. He visits the pub one evening and as luck would have it, the premises is raided by cops and he gets trapped for holding a revolver, which has been handed over to him a few seconds before by Mauj Masti Bhai [Manoj Joshi].

Romeo is arrested and tortured in the cell. An angry Romeo swears revenge and with the help of Vijay Bhaichara [Govind Namdeo], an underworld don, he eliminates Mauj Masti Bhai.

Encounter specialist Anjali [Seema Biswas] is out to nab the killer. In the meanwhile, there?s no turning back for Romeo. Along with Shalu and Vijay Bhaichara, Romeo forms a gang, but Vijay and he part ways when Romeo kills a tycoon, Naresh Jindal, and doesn?t inform Vijay about it.

Now Vijay is thirsting for Romeo?s blood and he joins hands with inspector Anjali to finish Romeo in an encounter. Romeo?s friends and men get killed one after the other.

On Shalu?s request, Romeo decides to start life on a clean slate, but the past catches up. Romeo is shot at by encounter specialists and hit with six bullets, but he somehow survives.

If the story is as old as the hills, the execution of the subject is archaic as well. Frankly, there?s not much to look forward to in the film. The emphasis is on action and only action.

Deepak Balraj Vij?s direction is mediocre. Music [Shreerang Aras] is nothing to hum about, partly because the music promotion has been low-key. Action [Akbar Sharif] is as usual.

Vikram Singh goes over the top. Rinku is passable. Seema Biswas breathes fire in her character. Govind Namdeo is adequate.

On the whole, Mumbai Godfather is a dull fare.

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