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Friday 13 June 2014

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Vishnu Vishal, Nanditha, Kaali

Mundasupatti is a rip-roaring rocker! It is a full length laugh riot which is fresh and entertaining. The wacky story and treatment of debutant director Ram Kumar, makes it tickling and an absolute fun ride.

The film is set in the 1980?s. Gopi (Vishnu) runs a photo studio called Hollywood Studio in Sathyamangalam along with his assistant photographer Alagumani ( Kali Venkat). One day on an assignment he goes to a remote village called Mundasupatti.

In this village people are afraid of getting photographed as they believe it will reduce their life expectancy and lead to imminent death. The reason is told early as a prelude in the film. Gopi falls in love with the village chief?s daughter Kalaivani (Nandita), but is constantly troubled by her uncle Muniskanth (Ramdoss), who wants to be the next superstar!

Does Gopi gets his lady love is told in a hilarious manner without resorting to slapstick or crass comedy. Mundasupatti is a triumph at making a clean situational comedy which works purely on its dialogues, especially in the climax. Ram Kumar`s script has been written in such a way that humour is laced with the narrative. A unbelievable story line made believable by its strong characterisation.

There are eye ?rolling stupid moments but they are put together in such a way to provide maximum laughter. The last 20 minutes climax is superb as it is fun unlimited. At the end it is a feel good fun movie, which was originally made as a short film.

Mundasupatti has the perfect casting. Vishnu is at ease doing a full length comedy and his smile is infectious, while Nandita is fab in the coy village girl role. But the two guys who steal the show is Kaali as hero?s side -kick and Ramdoss as the guy who wants to be a star. Even the person who plays the fraudulent village priest is apt. They bring humour and provide some howlarious moments.

Technically the film is slick with top class camerawork by PV Shankar and good music and background score by Sean Roldan with ?Kadhal Kanave? being the pick of the lot. The art work and production design give it the 80?s look ? bell bottom pants, Yashica still camera and the old Jawa bike. The downside of the film is that it is a bit too long and could have done with some trimming, especially in the first half.

Mundasupatti is another feather on the cap of producer CV Kumar and Fox Star Studios. They have come out with a delightful off- kilter comedy film that once again asserts that laughter is the best medicine.

Verdict - Rollicking Comedy

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