Mundhinam Paartheney

Mundhinam Paartheney


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 19 March 2010

Movie Title

Mundhinam Paartheney


Magilzh Thirumeni

Star Cast

Sanjay, Ekta, Pooja, Lizna

Welcome to new age Tamil cinema. Magilzh Thirumeni, who has graduated from Gautham Vasudeva Menon School of filmmaking, has come out with flying colors as an independent director with Mundhinam Paartheney. It has a captivating freshness about it though there is nothing new in the story.

What makes the film tick is the bold gamble to cater to the taste of the upper middle class urban audiences without making any compromises. The film is geared to strike an instant chord with people working in the IT field. It is the love life of a young man that has sense and sensibility, not seen in recent times.

Technically, the film is superb. The plus points are Thaman?s trendy tunes superbly picturised in never seen before locations of Scotland, London and Venice with eye catching frames of cinematographer Vincent and beautiful DI work . Antony?s razor sharp editing, helps the catchy situational comedy. What makes the film an enjoyable watch is the sheer charm and freshness of its lead actors and supporting cast.

The story is about the love life of an IT professional Sanjay (Sanjay) and the three women- Pooja (Pooja), Aarthi (Ekta) and Anu (Lizna) who come into his life. He falls in love with Pooja but after trying to impress her, she tells him that she is already engaged to an NRI guy. He then meets Aarthi a dancer who is a tough nut to crack.

Aarthi is a very independent young lady who doesn?t care for anyone. She is modern but traditional in her outlook, a quality that Sanjay is looking for in his wife. But some minor misunderstandings and they drift apart till he realizes that Anu his colleague at work is the right girl for him.

What makes the film a scream is the realistic comedy in it like one of the male friends of the hero after getting drunk saying that he is a ?virgin at 29?! Another scene has one of the guys in the office who goes by his chat name ?Mr Piston? coming face to face with his on line ?chat friend? a lady whom he despises at work! The funny moments of the hero and his friend at a Salsa dancing school is hilarious.

New face Sanjay delivers a low-key yet elegant performance as Sanju, giving his co-star all the room to shine. All the three girls look sophisticated and deliver the goods. Among them Ekta has the meatiest role. As Dinesh the obese friend of the hero, Sai is excellent.

The entire one hour 55 minutes film has been given a picture post card look that you see in a Karan Johar movie, to give that that rich opulent feel. Designed purely for the multiplex audiences, Thirumeni delivers the goods.

Mundhinam Paartheney is jolly good flick and it's your best bet at the movies this weekend

Verdict: Feel Good

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