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Monday 12 March 2007

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Lawrence, Raj Kiran, Vedika, M S Baskar, S N Lakshmi, Kovai Sarala

The good news is that in comparison to his earlier hero roles in Tamil, Raghavendra Lawrence's Muni is tolerable to a certain extent. First and foremost- Lawrence is an excellent choreographer and the films he directed in Telugu are racy entertainers. But as a full fledged action hero and director in Tamil it is strictly NO, NO!

Muni is entertaining in parts with enough doses of comedy, songs, glamour and stunts. But at times it tests your patience, with its insipid story line, over-the-top performance of Raj Kiran in a bit role, Lawrence?s unbelievable stunt scenes and the manner in which he acts, talks and copies every mannerism and style of Rajnikanth! How long will this guy go on aping the superstar? The audiences at the theatre was hooting and abusive when he tried to enact the Pae scene dialogues of Chandramukhi!

Lawrence has stolen bits and shreds from various supernatural thrillers to make his Muni. The basic thread is taken from Mohanlal- Rahman 1983 film Pappan Priyapeta Pappan, which itself was ripped of from Warren Beatty's 1979 Heaven can wait. A bit of Patrick Swayze's 1990 Ghost and post interval Lawrence with Raj Kiran's spirit in him, does a Jim Carrey Mask act!

Added to all this, he also borrows Anniyan multiple personality and dialogues in the climax. Scenes, sound and camera angle to frighten the audience is copied from Ram Gopal Varma horror films. Add all this and you get a masala horror mix-Muni! Ganesh(Lawrence) is a happy go lucky young man who lives with his parents (Vinu Chakravarthy and Kovai Sarala) and grand mother in a haunted house where the spirit of Muniyandi (Raj Kiran) is hovering around.

Muni was a good guy who did everything for the slum dwellers of Royapuram. His best friend the local MLA, Dhandapani (Kathal Dhandapani) uses him to his advantage. But when Muni demands betterment of the poor and downtrodden fellow slum dwellers, he and his daughter are brutally killed.

Muni's body is burned and the ashes are put in the river, but his powerful Muni locket is dropped accidentally in Dhandapani's guest house, which is rented out to Ganesh and family. Muni comes back to life using Ganesh's body to settle scores with the bad men who killed him!

Vedika is there for the songs, dance and glamour. Another new Vadivelu look alike, does exactly what the original did in Chandramukhi! The music of Bhardwaj is nothing much to write about.

On the whole, Muni does not make for great horror film. At best it provides some funny comedy time!!

Verdict- Below Average

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