Munn takes stand after finding 'The Predator' actor to be a sex offender

Last Updated: Fri, Sep 07, 2018 08:13 hrs

[USA] Sep 07 (ANI): Actor Olivia Munn took a stand against a registered sex offender after she found that he was a cast in her upcoming sci-fi movie 'The Predator'.

The man against whom Olivia Munn spoke up was actor Steven Wilder Striegel. He was cast in the film for a scene opposite Munn. He was playing the role of a jogger who flirted with Munn's character.

Striegel was arrested in 2009 and had pleaded guilty in 2010 for alleged sexual harassment of a minor, reported E! Online. He went to prison for six months. He is said to have harassed a 14-year-old girl, who happened to be his niece.

Munn, who came to know about Striegel's past in August, took to Instagram and said, "My mom taught me to never be afraid to stand up and say "Wait, that's not okay." Even if you find yourself standing alone, speak up. Even if people get mad at you, speak up. It is not our job to stay silent so that others can stay comfortable. Use your voice to shape the world or others will continue to shape it for us."

Munn, who spoke to a local daily informed that she was relieved as the scene along with Striegel was removed.

It is the second time that the 'X Men: Apocalypse' actor, came forward to take a moral stand for what is wrong. Earlier in November 2017, she spoke up against film producer and director Brett Ratner.

Reportedly, in November Ratner had sexually harassed a 19-year old model. (ANI)