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Wednesday 27 August 2014

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Mammootty, Aparna Gopinath

Though the movies here make it a point to spoon-feed the viewers with all the details that will possibly come into their mind, there have been some glorious examples which defies this style. In fact, cinematographer and director Venu?s Munnariyippu is such an attempt but with limited success.

Anjali Arakkal (Aparna Gopinath) is a freelance journalist who is assigned to ghost-write a jailor?s memoirs. On her visit to the jail, she meets Raghavan (Mammootty), who has been convicted for double homicide. His jail term is over but Raghavan has been happily living there for 20 years now.

Anjali is attracted by Raghavan?s life and philosophies pretty easily. He insists that he didn?t kill anyone. A write up on the life of Raghavan in a magazine finds tremendous attention and a prominent publisher assigns Anjali to make the convict to a write a memoir.

It?s a genuine storyline but even at less than two hours, the film is not an easy watch. Unni R, who has written the screenplay and dialogues, has peppered some interesting thoughts and philosophical statements that sound good in the script, but on the whole it lacks cohesion for sure.

There are scenes and characters, which have no real relevance to the plot and seems, more like fillers. From Prithviraj, Joy Mathew to Kottayam Nazeer and Pratap Pothen, actors are lined up just like that. It?s a nice little thought that paved the way for the film, but the issue is in the presentation that conveys very little to make things gripping.

The highlight of the film is an impressive performance from Mammootty, who gives credibility to the character. Aparna Gopinath is good as well.

Munnariyippu is aimed at those sections of viewers, who would like to be part of the narration, creating a visual of their own while watching the movie on screen. But even then, the film leaves you wanting for more.

Verdict: Above Average

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