Munthiri Monchan review: A delightful rom-com that is entertaining

Munthiri Monchan review: A delightful rom-com that is entertaining

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 07 December 2019

Movie Title

Munthiri Monchan review: A delightful rom-com that is entertaining


Vijith Nambiar

Star Cast

Manesh Krishnan, Gopika Anil, Salimkumar

Director Vijith Nambiar’s Munthiri Monchan is a story narrated by a frog as the tag line suggests, to a girl who jumped into a well to end her life. Well, this premise with some imagination has been used as a nice canvas to paint this romantic tale.

The story that the “frog” narrates goes like this. Vivek (Manesh Krishnan) is part of the marketing team of an advertising group. He meets a beautiful girl named Ima Rajeev (Gopika Anil), just by chance, in a rather unlikely but funny situation. 

Ima is running a bookstore named ‘Rent a Read’. Vivek presents an advertisement plan and soon after the couple develops a liking for each other. He is a nice youth who is funny and honest. She is a confident girl, who has clear ideas about what she wants from her life.

As they grow closer, Vivek has to go for a business meeting at Mumbai. During his trip to Mumbai, Vivek meets another girl Deepika (Kairavi Thakkar), in the train. The journey changes the lives of them all.

With an engaging script the director packages the tale in a beautiful way. There are some interesting twists that takes the story ahead, as more characters and new incidents join the narrative. The visuals and the music makes the going smooth. 

The fresh faces in the cast performs with so much confidence that makes this movie a joyous ride. 

The experienced actors like Innocent, Salim Kumar, Edavela Babu and especially Irshad are in good form here. Watch out for a surprise appearance from Devan and Saleema, the magical pair of the 1988 hit, Aaranyakam.

Munthiri Monchan is a delightful rom-com that is entertaining with a fabulous mix of emotions, humour and some amazing surprises. Get a large popcorn and enjoy this one!

Munthiri Monchan review: A breezy romantic drama

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