Muttina Maleyali

Muttina Maleyali



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 28 March 2015

Movie Title

Muttina Maleyali


Star Cast

Manju Sagar, Ramneethu Chowary, Sharath Lohitashwa, Muni Chandrashekar

There are only very few people in the industry who have survived here by donning the cap of a director, actor, producer, and composer simultaneously; and that too, people who have survived have developed this passion to take these responsibility altogether over years. But today, even before getting to know what cinema is many want to take up this ‘simultaneous’ responsibility at the very initial stages. Director, Producer and lead actor of this film Manju Sagar belongs to this ‘latter’ list.

Muttina Maleyali is very similar to any ‘maley’ (rain themed) cinema, and the credit of legacy definitely goes to Mungaru Maley! The story line too is very similar to that of Mungaru Maley.
Journalist Ishanth (Manju Sagar) meets Ibbani (Ramaneethu Chowdary) and immediately falls for her; it is a love at first sight for him. Like a typical jobless (?!) youngster, he roams around her only to find out she is engaged. Entry second hero, who makes the audience cry, with his bad acting skills. As usual, even after being ‘engaged’ Ibbani falls for Ishanth and convinces parents by explaining what love is and how true their love is! Hence, it’s a ‘Happy Ending’!

The movie is majorly shot in Malnad and hence Naxal issue is made to fit-in to the so called ‘triangle love story’. Naxals are shown more like goons and they are so in ‘lack of ideology mode’ throughout the film. Despite being shot in green Malnad, the makers have ignored to show the nature and its beauty; most of the shots are either close-up shots or shot inside a house. 
Director has failed to make use of nature and has failed to make use of a good story. Editing is bad and the film is extremely slow; AT Raveesh’s music too is below average and in no way helps the movie.

Manju Sagar’s acting is just okay and can improvise over years; Ramaneethu has improved a lot and looks good as well. Villian Muni, who plays Naxal head, has performed well.
However, the movie does not in any way entertain and hence can be added to skip list!  

Veridct: Below Average

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