My God

My God

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 07 December 2015

Movie Title

My God


M Mohanan

Star Cast

Suresh Gopi, Honey Rose

If you are the kind who is waiting for advices from anyone and everyone, director M Mohanan offers 129 minutes of preaching in his latest offering, My God.

The central character of the film is a fifteen-year-old boy named Sam Thottungal. He is a hugely talented child prodigy, who paints well, is good in quiz, elocution and sports. But he is bad in studies and for that reason his parents hate him.

Now the whole story is cut into several portions and sewn together in an incoherent manner. If it has been done to try out a modern narrative pattern, that effort is barely successful.

There is an attempt to categorize the characters into various shades, based on their nature. The ones in white shades are led by the US based IT guy Aadhiraja Bhattathiripad (Suresh Gopi) and his child psychologist wife Aarathi (Honey Rose) and those in grey shades include Sam’s parents and his siblings. 

After a while, it is balanced when the “baddies” all turn into shades of white as well. And as it is mandatory in films of this kind, the boy eventually becomes someone like Mark Zuckerberg, just like that. 

To make it all look serious and authentic, there are frequent mentions about some famous personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and APJ Abdul Kalam.

It is evident that the pattern adopted here is that of those tearjerkers on the various TV channels, which is an easy way to ensure maximum satellite rights. But for the hapless viewers, who decide to watch it at the cinemas, this film goes on and on, and never seems to end.

The less about the performances, the better. The boy who plays the protagonist looks totally lost. Suresh Gopi is going on advising all on everything from parenting to technology, while all Honey Rose does, is to keep smiling from beginning to end. Sreenivasan plays a priest in a half-hearted manner.

My God makes you tired, watching the sheer desperation of its makers to brand it as a “message film”. Our advice to them would be to work on the script better, before attempting a film. Watch this one at your own risk!

Verdict: Below Average

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