My Story review: Predictable and Clichéd

The film gives you a sense of déjà vu

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Movie Title

My Story review: Predictable and Clichéd


Roshni Dinaker

Star Cast

Prithviraj, Parvathy

Can anawfully melodramatic story line be rescued if shot in some exotic locationsabroad? That trick has been tried by debutante filmmaker Roshni Dinaker in her My Story.

The storydevelops visiting and revisiting an incident that happened in the life of Jai(Prithviraj), who is now a hugely successful hero.

Cut tothose times when he was a youth with big dreams of making it big in movies as ahero, visiting director Bhadran at his shooting location. The director isimpressed seeing Jai and he recommends the boy to another director (Manoj KJayan). Jai is chosen as the hero and the team is off to Portugal to shoot anew film. 

Jai’sheroine is Tara (Parvathy), who is south India’s biggest sensation sinceSridevi, we are told. She is engaged to the film’s producer David Eapen (GaneshVenkatraman), who is a fiery businessman, with ‘firangis’ in suits and darkglasses as his henchmen. 

Tara andJai become close pretty soon, as she desperately tries to run away from David. Om Shanti Om, did you say? Okay, let’ssay this one is a bargain basement version of that and a few other Bollywoodmovies.

 It’s thebeautiful visuals of Portugal that has been used here to keep the viewersengaged, while narrating this wafer thin storyline that is predictable andcliched. The music by Shaan Rahman is good. 

Prithvirajperforms his part with sincerity especially while playing his character’s olderversion. Parvathy almost sleepwalks through her role, which offers no challengewhatsoever. The rest of the cast have limited roles to play. 

My Story has been tailor made for those who feelemotional even while watching those never ending Hindi soaps. Let’s say, whatthe film give is a sense of déjà vu and if you are okay with it, you can giveit a try. 

My Story review- Verdict:  A sense of déjà vu



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