Naa Girl Friend Baaga Rich

Naa Girl Friend Baaga Rich


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 09 March 2009

Movie Title

Naa Girl Friend Baaga Rich


M. Nagendra Kumar

Star Cast

Sivaji, Kaveri Jha, Brahmanandam, Ahuti Prasad, Tulasi, Babloo

The film is about a bag that gets interchanged at the airport. The bag contains a bunch of cut human heads? What is the story of heads in the bag? What happens from there is the crux of the story.

Sanjay Sastri (Sivaji) is a well educated man and a golf champion. He has a dream of marrying a girl who is from a rich family. His dreams come true in the form of Sravya (Kaveri) who comes down from the US to India. She joins the golf club. Sravya and Sanjay meet and soon they fall in love. After some time Sravya goes back to the US to tell her parents (Ahuti Prasad and Tulasi) about her love.

Sravya then calls Sanjay to meet her parents in Bangkok since they would be coming there for a vacation from the USA. Sanjay prepares to go to Bangkok. At the airport, Sanjays bag gets exchanged with Mike Tyson (Brahmanandam) who is a dreaded gang leader by mistake. The bag contains a bunch of human heads. The human heads are discovered at a later stage and from there trouble begins for Sanjay. How does Sanjay come out of this chaos forms the rest of the story.

Hero Sivaji has acted in his natural style and tried to his best but his role was not engraved very well. Heroine Kaveri Jha looks sexy and her facial expressions are not good and her acting is just okay. Almost all the songs choreographed have sizzling performance by the heroine, in revealing costumes. In one of the songs Kaveri Jha is seen gyrating to a fast beat like a vamp and also exposing her assets. She is definitely got a hot body with sex appeal but needs to improve her acting skills.

Performance by Ahuti Prasad and Tulasi are normal. Ramaprabha, Babloo, Vijay and Kamal did justice to their roles. Brahmanandam has played the role of Mike Tyson in the film. He was okay at start but later on it got boring and annoying.

The film ?Naa Girlfriend Baaga Rich? has been copied from the Hollywood film ?8 Heads in a Duffel Bag?, which was released in 1997, however there is no connection between the title and story. The director has come out with a rather rotten subject and storyline is different. The narrative and presentation was not done in proper way.

The makers have shown a lot of interest in deriving some sadistic pleasure with cut heads staring and being flown around here and there. The romance angle was a take from the Bollywood blockbuster Welcome.

The dialogues are dumb, the script is weak and the screenplay is not up to the mark. The cinematography of Maroo was good in songs. Anand has composed good music, but the background score is not up to the mark. The film has nothing to offer. It is neither a complete comedy entertainer nor a suspense movie nor an action film.

Verdict: Below Average

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