Naadodigal 2 review: Skip it

Naadodigal 2 is a poor cousin of the first part

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Wednesday 05 February 2020

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Naadodigal 2 review: Skip it



Star Cast

Sasikumar, Anjali, Athulya, Barani, Esakki Bharat

Samuthirakani's returns to direction with Naadodigal 2, a film that takes up the topic of equality. The director has tried to balance entertainment and educative portions but as usual, his treatment turns preachy. The film cannot be compared to the first part in terms of story and riveting screenplay.

Naadodigal 2 is barely a middling watch that is well-intentioned but loud and preachy. 

After coming across some incidents in their life, Jeeva (Sasikumar), Kutti (Barani) and Sengodi (Anjali) bring together a group of students to protest and preach against the caste chauvinism that is rampant in their place. As they start executing their plans, they come across hurdles in the form of rejections from the police force but somehow get support from the district collector. As the police cunningly enters into the gathering using proxy protestors, things get heated up. Jeeva's mother, who is busy looking for her daughter-in-law, finally gets a smile on her face when Sasikumar says yes to Sowmya (Athulya) after seeing her photo.

Trouble starts when Sowmya reveals the tough story of falling in love with a man from the lower caste, telling Jeeva that she was forced into marriage by her family. Sasikumar then gets into the act of reuniting the duo, and decides to help the two after realizing the grave mistake that he has committed.  What happens next?

Sasikumar hasn't delivered his best to the role, as he sleepwalks with cliched dialogue delivery not helping the film's already loud and preachy tone. On the other hand, Anjali comes up with a very good performance. Barani is adequate, but the rest of the cast like Athulya Ravi and Esakki Barath do not contribute anything. This is a good example of a film that could have been a lot better if it had a different cast, even though it belongs to a franchise. 

Samuthirakani packs the first half with just two good sequences and too many songs from Justin Prabhakaran. There are some good moments in the second half but the film largely holds onto the format of the first part, trying to fit in the caste-related elements at every corner. The cheesy romance featuring Sasikumar is something that could have been avoided without second thought, to cut down on the runtime at least. 

On the whole, Naadodigal 2 is a poor cousin of the first part. It is worth a skip. 

Verdict: Big bore

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