Naai Kutty

Naai Kutty



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 03 January 2010

Movie Title

Naai Kutty


Star Cast

Selvin, Nicole

It is one of those movies that make you feel soggier than soggy popcorn!

The protagonist of the film was abandoned by his mother in a road side dust bin and a rickshaw peddler spots the baby, names him Naai Kutty and brings him up.

The boy grows up into a man (Selvin) in the slums and becomes a alcoholic without a care in the world. A flower girl Malli (Nichole), falls for him, while her friend Ammu treats him like her brother.

Meanwhile, in get rich policy, Kutty starts cultivating call girls who uses his rikshaw. One day he meets the kingpin of the flesh trade Reddy and becomes his henchmen. Suddenly Kutty has a change of heart as the story reaches its bloody gruesome climax.

The film has too many scenes of the hero and his friend smoking and drinking. The director only aim seems to be to glorify smoking and drinking, and the climax is too raw.

There is nothing positive in the film. It tries to cash in on the slum life and its brutal ways but ends up as too pretentious. Nichole is a miscast. With her foreigner look as a slum girl is hard to digest.

Yawn! The film is a waste of time.

Verdict- Avoidable

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