Naalai Namathe

Naalai Namathe


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 10 April 2009

Movie Title

Naalai Namathe



Star Cast

Ashish Vidyarthi, Sarvanand, Pradip, Kiran, Maninvannan,MS Bhaskar

Naalai Namathe seems to be a movie with a message. The trouble is that there are quite a few messages strung together that gets garbled. But in these times of elections, it?s sure to hit the right chord with viewers since it deals with responsible voting.

The story is about Ramu (Pradip) and his foster uncle Mani ( Manivannan) who live in a slum . They are left with a whopping amount of Rs 1200 crores by a stranger called Udayappa ( Ashish Vidyarthi). The sum is to be used only for good purposes and development of the poor and needy.

But a rich politician Mahaganapathy, (Rajan P Dev) threatens them with dire consequences if they don?t part with the money. The duo remains unfazed. Enter Santhi, the young adopted sister of Ramu who manages to attract the attention of the politicians son ( Saravanand).

He attempts to rape her though she protects his name at a school function. He declares his love for her which enrages his father more. He tries to oust the slum dwellers from the colony only to be kidnapped by Mani and Ramu.

Now the twist in the story takes place. Who is Udayappa and why did he leave them with the money? What is the fate of the politician? How does he wreak revenge on Mani and Pradip? Do the lovers unite? It would be best to see the film to find out.

The second half moves rapidly as all these questions are answered. The mainstay of the film is to instill a sense of the power of their vote amongst all classes especially the homeless ones in society.

Pradip demands an explanation for why people without ration cards and addresses cannot be politicians and represent people. The revenge scene is somewhat gory but seems justified by the script. Screenplay is taut and there is never a dull moment in the film.

Through the character of Udayappa, the director has explored the dangers lurking for the homeless street children and how they need to be protected. The performance of the young children, especially the child artist who plays the young Ramu is commendable.

Ashish as Udayappa as usual gets into the skin of the character bringing out all the facets of the greedy man who later grovels for the life of his daughter.

Newcomer Pradip shows promise with good expressions, fighting skills and screen presence. Sarvanand as the young lover plays his limited part well and adds the glamour element to the screen with his chocolate boy looks. Kiran as the pan chewing firebrand does justice to her role. But why is she doing such small roles these days?

Manivannan?s role is a cakewalk for the veteran while all the villains in the film are typical loud, brash, greedy and scheming screen politicians to the hilt. Karthika plays a government officer and is dignified. One does wish that MS Bhasker and Charlie could have been given some better lines to add more flavour to the comedy. Care seems to have been taken to cast each actor aptly for the roles, lending credibility to the story.

The fast action, romance and comedy are all enough to keep one entertained. Kiran plays a prostitute with a golden heart but has nothing much to do otherwise. In brief it?s a film which leaves you thinking as you head home.

Verdict- Average

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