'Naan Ee' is a trendsetter and super hit in TN

Last Updated: Fri, Jul 27, 2012 13:57 hrs

On the 6th of July, 2012, a supposedly small film opened in Tamil Nadu in more than 208 screens. Even before its release, many critics have written off Naan Ee,as a dubbing film with no star power. 

SS Rajamouli the director has said that every scene was shot twice, once in Telugu and then again in Tamil. Actually Naan Ee can be called a straight Tamil film, though the trade continues to treat it as a dubbing film.

But after Naan Ee released, it got rave reviews and box-office acclaim. The film was welcomed by TN audiences like a straight film made with nativity and local flavour. Today (July 27), Nan Ee enters its fourth week and has become a hot favourite with family audiences. Everyone,from Superstar to super directors, have showered it with lavish praise .

Naan Ee released in 208 screens fell to 175 screens in its second week due to the release of Billa 2. Now in its fourth week many screens have re-joined and today it is playing in 185 screens across Tamil Nadu, which is huge for a bi-lingual film.

In 21 days (July 6- 26), Naan Ee has grossed a whopping Rs 18.22 Cr from TamilNadu theatres, the highest ever for a film seen as a bi-lingual. It has beaten the record set by the directors own Maaveeran (Maghadheera) a few years back.  A leading distributor said: “In the past decade, in Tamil Nadu, no movie has come back into the main screens after a three week run.”

The prestigious Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai has shifted it from the small screenwhere it was released initially to a bigger screen. The mass Kasi theatre in Chennai suburb has re-released Naan Ee after a gap of two weeks! Similarly many other screens showing a biggie have shifted back to Naan Ee. And, Mayajaal Multiplex has 30 shows of Naan Ee on Saturday & Sunday while  Billa 2 gets only 19 shows!

Says Prasad V Potluri the producer of Naan Ee : “Naan Ee has proved the often repeated quote that 'content is King'.  We are very happy with the success of Naan Ee. The story of a simple housefly has managed to capture the imagination of the public and is on its way to re-writing the history of Indian cinema.”