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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 17 August 2012

Movie Title



Jiiva Shankar

Star Cast

Vijay Antony, Rupa Manjari

When a popular music director turns hero you expect him to make a light hearted musical. But Vijay Antony in his 25th film as music director has turned hero with an action thriller.

Director Jiiva Shankar has made a decent psychological thriller, which moves fast but slows down post interval. The suspense element is missing and there are too many loopholes in the plot. The film ends with hints that there may be a sequel.

Karthik (Vijay Antony) during his childhood is witness to his mother double timing his father, who commits suicide. Karthik takes revenge on his mother and her lover by burning them alive and goes to Juvenile jail. He is good in studies and wants to be a doctor. After his release from jail he goes to Chennai in search of a job but due to a quirk of fate is able to get admission in a medical college on the degree certificate of a guy who dies in an accident.

Life takes a U-turn for Karthik who now masquerades as Salim and meets new rich friends, which leads to more twists and turns. But past soon catches up with him and to save his skin Karthik as Salim carries out a series of murders which leads to the final twist.

The trouble with Jiva Shankar?s script is that it is monotonous and predictable with logic taking a backseat. His characterisation of the hero an ordinary man in an extraordinary situation due to fate is believable, but the way he goes about committing murders and always ahead of the law is hard to stomach. The scene where the hero accidentally kills his saviour and friend looks exactly like a similar scene in last Friday thriller Eppadi Manusukkul Vandhai!

However the films biggest drawback is the wooden performance of Vijay Antony. There is only one single expression for him whether he talking to a girl or murdering a friend! He needs to improve on his dialogue delivery and facial expressions. Siddharth (Last seen in Ananda Thandavam) who plays the role of the rich playboy friend with shades of grey is far more impressive. Rupa Manjari and Anuya have hardly anything much to do. There is nothing much in the music of the film.

Verdict- Average

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