Naan Sirithal review: Average comedy entertainer

Adhi's Naan Sirithal is just another comic caper

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 14 February 2020

Movie Title

Naan Sirithal review: Average comedy entertainer



Star Cast

Adhi, Ishwarya Menon, Gopi, Yogi Babu, Julie

Director Rana has converted his short film Kekka Bekka into a feature film with Naan Sirithal. Just like the short film, here too the protagonist has a medical condition Pseudobulbar affect or to put in layman terms 'Laughing disorder' (one cannot control laughter when he/she is nervous, sad or angry).

The film begins with an animated narration, we get to know that two gangsters Dilli (KS Ravi Kumar) and Sakkarai (Ravi Marya) are at loggerheads after the former killed their mentor. In the same city, there is a happy-go-lucky IT employee Gandhi (Hip-hop Tamizha Adhi) who hails from a middle-class family, he also has a girlfriend Ankita (a beautiful Ishwarya Menon). 

Life goes well for Gandhi until he pisses off his boss who asks him to first complete his arrears and threatens him to fire from his job. But unfortunately, Gandhi flunks in the exam which lands him trouble. Due to pressure,  he goes through the laughing disorder, and he can't control laughter when he is anxious or sad.

When Gandhi goes in search of his childhood buddy Dilli (Yogi Babu), he and his friends get into the wrong car and end up in the birthday celebration of gangster Dilli (KS Ravi Kumar). Sakkarai also sends two of his henchmen (Munishkanth and Sha Raa) to the birthday party to finish off Dilli but they get into the cab waiting for Gandhi. The gangster Dilli sees Gandhi as a scapegoat and when he is about to shoot him, our protagonist laughs and it pisses him off. The rest of the film is all about how Gandhi comes out of Dilli's murder threat. The second half also answers whether Gandhi patches up with his girlfriend and finds his missing friend Dilli...

The first half of the film is decent with a few jokes here and there, especially the Thala-Thalapathy episodes in theaters. The laughing disorder is a quirky concept and it has been utilized well in the first half. But the concept alone can't save the film. Post intermission, barring a few funny moments and a climax very similar to old Priyadarshan films, Naan Sirithal loses track! 

Adhi repeats what he has done in his last two films, there is no improvement in his performance and he only impresses whenever he laughs out loud. Ishwarya Menon looks pretty and has provided the glam quotient. KS Ravi Kumar's role is very much similar to what he played in Comali, his closure in the climax is not convincing. Adhi has roped in Bigg Boss Julie and Yogi Babu, to please the masses. Badava Gopi's character is quite funny in the film but Munishkanth, Sha Raa, and Ravi Marya are there for comical relief.

Songs are impressive. Overall Naan Sirithal might appeal to youth audiences seeking time-pass entertainment.

Naan Sirithal review:  Average comedy entertainer

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