Naan Thaan Bala

Naan Thaan Bala



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 16 June 2014

Movie Title

Naan Thaan Bala



Star Cast

Vivekh, Venkatraj, Shwetha

Comedy star Vivekh?s first crack at doing a serious hero role is a mixed bag. He has come out with a brilliant performance but the script and direction is totally amateurish. It is more like a moral science class and made like a mega serial, with loads of 80?s style melodrama.

The story is etched out of Mahabharat with analogy of Karna and Duryodhana thrown in. Bala (Vivekh) is an honest god fearing temple priest who lives in an agraharam with his aged parents. He refuses to go as a Brahmin priest to US, where he can earn in dollars, acknowledges all men are equal and accepts a glass of water from a dalit?s house which has a photograph of Dr Ambedkar!

Bala?s father is wrongly accused in a murder case and life changes. He becomes friendly with Poochi (Venkatraj) a hired killer. The hired killer owes his loyalty to a gang leader and his ?Lady Macbeth? style cold blooded wife, who will arrange a murder for money.

Poochi helps Bala in a difficult situation which brings them closer. Their friendship has its repercussion on lives of both. However the long arm of law catches up with Poochi, now a reformed man. Bala meets a Saurashtrian Boli seller and is all set to marry her, when the unexpected happens.

Vivekh is very good in a serious role as Bala, but he cannot rise above the pitfalls in the script. The second half is tedious and meandering, as it becomes like a TV serial. The story and the relationship look odd at times. How can a hired assassin suddenly turn soft on the advice of a priest, whom he just met?

The trouble is that director Kannan has put in a lot of commercial padding like songs, comedy scenes that stick out like a sore thumb without paying much attention to the script. The plot is interesting but the final product is half baked.

Verdict - Average

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