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Saturday 27 June 2009

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Sasikumar, Vijay, Bharani, Ananya, Neha, Abhinaya, Shanthini, Ganja Karuppu

Sasikumar is back with a bang as an actor with Samudrakani directed Nadodigal. It is a gritty, realistic film on friendship told in an entertaining manner, straight from the heart.

The film explores the realms of friendship and its pitfalls. The first 30 minutes of the film show us that -?True friends have hearts that beat as one?. The film begins in Rajapalayam and shows the bonding between three friends, who virtually eat from the same plate- Karunakaran (Sasikumar), a B.A (History) graduate looking desperately for a government job considered prestigious by his uncle, whose daughter Nallamma( Ananya) is madly in love with him. Pandi (Bharani) is a guy who is ridiculed and is not capable of completing anything successfully. Chandran (Vijay) is looking to set up a computer center and is in love with Pavithra (Abhinaya), Karuna?s sister.

The three good guys have a whale of a time. Enter Saravanan, a friend of Karuna, and son of a former MP Sangvi, who is in love with her bitter enemy industrialist Palanivel Rajan?s daughter Prabha! After Saravanan tries to commit suicide the three friends come to his rescue- ?Friend in need is a friend in deed?.

Under Karuna?s leadership they go to Nammakal where they meet their long lost friend (Kanja Karupu) and against all odds they are able to bring the love birds together. But In the process Karuna, almost loses his eye, his grandmother is killed, and the girl he loves is emotionally blackmailed and forced to marry somebody else!

Those who trusted him and ventured out like Chandran has his leg amputated, Pandi loses his hearing, still they are happy that - ?a real friend will lend a helping hand?. However they realize that they were let down by Saravanan and Prabha who just wanted to have a nice time together and it was a- ?Friendship of opportunity?. Their supreme sacrifice meant nothing for the estranged lovers, which irks our good friends to give it back in a stunning manner.

Samuthirakani?s friendship saga is 2 hrs and 45 minutes, based on a wafer thin message- ?A real friend expects to always be there for you!? The first half is interesting and moves in a racy manner, but the second half like all serial directors goes on and on, and needs urgent trimming. Sundar.C Babu?s songs are nothing much to write about though the Shankar Mahadevan number Sambo Shiva Sambo.., stands out.

Among the actors Sasikumar is the pick of the lot, he is hero material and has given an amazingly candid performance. The new girl Ananya is outstanding, stealing the show with her larkish spontaneity and vivacity. The rest of the cast like Bharani, Vijay, Ganja Karuppu and a lot of new faces are apt for their roles.

Nadodigal is not great cinema, but enjoyable and a welcome change in these hard days. It is eminently watchable.

Verdict: Good

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