Nagaravaridhi Naduvil Njan

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Thursday 25 December 2014

Movie Title

Nagaravaridhi Naduvil Njan


Shibu Balan

Star Cast

Sreenivasan, Sangeetha

As you watch director Shibu Balan?s Nagaravaridhi Naduvil Njan, the feeling that you have is of a wasted opportunity. The film has all the resources but it barely turns out to be an engaging affair.

The story is about the life of Venu (Sreenivasan), a Gulf returnee living in real dire straits. He joins an apartment complex as a security guard. His wife Sunitha (Sangeetha) supports him, managing the affairs back home amidst all the difficulties. Venu is shocked when their only daughter tells him that she will commit suicide if she fails to get admission for medicine.

He owns a plot in an upmarket housing colony but the local residents have conveniently made it into their garbage dumping ground. He desperately tries to get the place clean but faces stiff opposition from all quarters.

Well, in all fairness the film narrates several relevant issues and it has been made with genuine intentions as well. But with statements on virtually every topical issues and messages in plenty, the film takes a preachy tone. The dialogues are being delivered as if being read out from a text and as a result, the scenes become boring.

The lead pair, who was spectacular in the 1998 film Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala, tries to recreate that magic. But they barely succeed in that process. Sreenivasan sleep walks throughout while Sangeetha looks bored and plastic. The desperate efforts to evoke laughter from dialogues falls flat and creating characters that look more like caricatures add to the woes.

Nagaravaridhi Naduvil Njan has its heart at the right place, but the way it has been presented lets you down. The issues being narrated here are relevant but you will need solid patience to sit through this one and to appreciate it. One thing is for sure, the ?Sreenivasan magic? is missing here!

Verdict: Disappointing

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