Nam Yajamanru

Nam Yajamanru


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 01 March 2009

Movie Title

Nam Yajamanru



Star Cast

Dr.Vishnuvardhana, Vijayaraghavendra, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Navya Nair, Ananthnag

A combination of bigwigs like director T.S.Nagabharana, veteran actor Dr.Vishnuvardhana, Navya Nair, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Ananthnag, melody king Hamsalekha and cameraman Ramesh Babu together has given a racy entertainer Nam Yajamanru that has the footprints of ?Aptha Mithra?.

The very rare mental disease ?Disassociate Identity Disorder? (DID) the clubbing of two memories in one is focused in this film by director Nagabharana who has taken up a film with Dr.Vishnuvaradhana after 28 years.

The character played by Navya Nair suffers from this disorder and the medical science solves this rare case by retaining only one memory in the mind. In ?Aptha Mithra? it was multiple split personality but in ?Nam Yajamanru? it is something different.

Disassociate Identity Disorder? is found 0.015 percent in India. It is more prevalent in English speaking countries like USA. The film claims that in India 102 cases have identified with DID but nothing has been diagnosed.

It is the gripping narration that holds the attention Had the director Nagabharana avoided some of the insignificant scenes the film would have been very tidy. Shashank (Dr.Vishnuvardhana) and Urmila (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy) consider Charulatha (Navya Nair) as their daughter and showers all affection to her. As Charulatha grows the intimacy of her with Shashank and Urmila family is even bigger. On a journey to Munnar the dastardly accident Urmila dies but Charulatha after recovery from the shock says she is Urmila.

Shashank already in shock is once again put in very pathetic condition. But he has to control the situation as Charulatha is like daughter to him. At this stage arrives Alok (Vijayaraghavendra) the fianc? of Charulatha that builds up the heat. Alok mistakes Charulatha?s stay in Shashank?s house. The arrival of LIC agent Poovaiah (Ananthnag) takes the confusion to further height. Shashank clear the doubt in the mind of Poovaiah but Alok is not ready to accept it.

The arrival of specialist doctors the sudden changes in the attitude of Charulatha gives courage for the doctors to take up the very rare case. The team of doctors not ready to give assurance but erasing of one of the two memories is possible leaves a situation whether Charulatha regain her memory or that of Urmila. It happens according to the wish Shashank.

Dr.Vishnuvardhana?s performance lifts the height of the film. Navya Nair from her chilling performance takes the film to further heights. It is these two characters that can bring the female audience to the theatres. Lakshmi Gopalaswamy looks very charming. Ananthang is superb again. Sharat Babu is apt.

Two lovely tunes and lyrics have come from national repute music director Hamsalekha. The cinematography by Ramesh Babu is captured very efficiently.

This is worth watching for variety and curiosity elements in it.

Verdict ? Above average

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