Namadhu review-Tedious watch

Namadhu review-Tedious watch



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 08 August 2016

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Namadhu review-Tedious watch


Chandrasekhar Yeleti

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Namadhu is a perfect example on how movies can be lost in translation, and here the poor dubbing is yet another worry.

For films with multiple stories, converging point is the key and audiences will embrace it only if each and every plot evokes interest. May be, Telugu audiences wouldn’t have see much emotional drama and multiple narratives but Tamil cinema has witnessed such screenplays since 2000 and hence, we cannot appreciate Namadhu for the attempt alone!

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Namadhu basically deals about the lives of the four—Sairam (Mohanlal), who feels guilty for his selfish attitude and struggles to rescue his kidnapped colleague to seek redemption. Gayathri (Gauthami) is a typical middle class housewife, who has penchant for buying things in discount but suddenly she gets a thriving job in a foreign country and she is in dilemma. Mahitha (Raina Rao), who helps a poor friend in getting education and searches for him, then there is an engineering student Abhiram (Viswanth), who falls in love with a girl and goes in deep stress as she rejects him. The converging point of all the four character is suppose to be a suspense for us but sadly the important twist is highly predictable!

Performance wise, Mohanlal once again excels in the role of a guilty assistant manager, he is the undeniably the best thing happened to Namadhu team. Gauthami’s portion too is quite enjoyable in the second half and the actress has used all her expertise in the film. The little girl Raina Rao is a good find whereas Viswanth’s portions only test our patience.

The problem with Namadhu is not the casting but the poor dialogues and predictable screenplay. Though expecting twists and turns in an emotional drama doesn’t make sense, such films score high only when we travel along with the characters on big screen. Yes, Namadhu has feel good moments but the number is quite less and going by the positive reviews for the Telugu version, perhaps the team failed big time in hiring effective Tamil dialogue writers and putting honest effort is shooting the Tamil version separately?

Cinematography by Rahul Shrivatsav is good while music composer Mahesh Shankar scores with the re-recording. Overall, Namadhu lacks the important nativity factor and it is yet-another middling dubbed film!

Verdict: Tedious watch

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