Namaste Madam

Namaste Madam



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 25 October 2014

Movie Title

Namaste Madam



Star Cast

Srinagar Kitty, Ragini Dwivedi, Nikesha Patel, Sadhu Kokila

Namaste Madam, the official remake of 2003 Telugu movie ?Missamma ?is the story of a family man (Sringara Kitty), who encounters a hot-rude-boss (Ragini Dwivedi), and how his course of life changes after she enters into his life. The movie is sure to boost Ragini Dwivedi?s career graph, but the movie would have worked in favour of the entire team, if the director had added some more elements rather than just copy pasting the script from the original.

Kitty is a happy-go-lucky family man, who is having a peaceful life with his wife (Nikesha Patel) and five-year-old daughter, whom they have adopted from an orphanage. A good job, a beautiful wife and a happy family, Kitty doesn?t want anything more in life. Just when his life is all set, his boss, (Ragini Dwivedi) enters into his life. Kitty, with an aim to get promoted, tries to impress Ragini, but ends up losing his job. Ragini, as a last resort to reappoint him, gives him various tasks. While he is busy executing those tasks, he realises he has fallen prey for her tactics.

When he tries to find ways to get out of the trap, he suffers a heart break from his wife, who is doubtful about his affair with Ragini. Kitty?s life is now parted and surrenders to Ragini and asks her to help him to get out. Meantime, when he tries to escape from Ragini?s clutches, he also finds out various things about Ragini, which he believes might help him get out of the trap.

Will Kitty succeed in escaping from Ragini?s clutches is the bottom line of the story.

Ragini looks smoking hot throughout the film. She should seriously consider acting in negative roles as she has the potential to carry the same with elegance. Kitty is a clear winner as he manages to act as an innocent family man. His ?desperate act? to get out of Ragini?s torture is worth appreciating. Nikesha Patel, who plays the role of Kitty?s wife, does not have much scope as Ragini steals the show, be it acting or exposing. Nikesha has to work on her acting skills, rather than just creating controversies, to establish herself in the tinsel town. Sadhu Kokila?s timings are worth watching but could have been better if it was original.

Sridhar Sambram?s music is good, but only until you are inside the theatre as none of the songs are worth recalling and they just go with the flow of the movie. Director Raghuraj should have concentrated more on making minimal changes in the script. The movie is a typical-copy paste of the Telugu version, which may not interest the ones who have seen the original movie.

The movie is a family entertainer and just one-time watch.

Verdict: Above average

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