Nammal Thammil

Nammal Thammil


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 30 March 2009

Movie Title

Nammal Thammil


Viji Thampy

Star Cast

Prithviraj, Indrajith, Geetu Mohandas

It took quite some years for director Vijy Thampy's Nammal Thammil to reach the theatres. Though in all fairness. the movie may not find itself out of place due to its delayed release, this campus based flick is an insipid tale narrated in a lifeless way.

Vicky (Prithviraj) is the student's union chairman of an engineering college and is madly in love with his fellow student, Anu (Geetu). A few songs and some misunderstandings later, Anu moves away from the hero.

To make him jealous, she gets closer to a new entrant in the college, Johnny (Indrajith). But the situation turns worse as Vicky gets falsely implicated in a number of misdeeds. It's amazing that Vicky never tries to find the actual miscreant, though it happens to be his b?te-noire in the campus. Worse still, the role has been played by debutante, who lacks any acting sense as such!

If you find this story interesting, there is another sub-plot involving Vicky's parents played by Balachandra Menon and Revathy and Johnny's mother, played by Suhasini, that could remind the plots of some 60s or 70s masala movies. With some melodramatic twists that can at best qualify for an unending soap on the idiot box, this film presents a gruesome two and a half hours for the viewer.

The on-off romance between Vicky and Anu makes one cringe in the seat. The zero on-screen chemistry between Prithviraj and Geetu and the forgettable songs for which the actors have to sway in close intervals, adds to the woes. It is sad that actors like Suhasini and Revathy have been wasted in insignificant roles.

There is a storyline in Nammal Thammil unlike some of the celebrated films during recent times, yes, but the question if it is good enough to hold the viewer's attention for its whole screening time.

It's obvious from every frame that no one associated with this film was trying to make a credible film. Quite evidently, it turns out to be a test on your patience, no less.

Verdict: Avoid

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