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Friday 21 September 2007

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Sarath Kumar, Karthika, Nassar

Namnadu has terrific title value, as it was MGR's launch pad when he formed his own political party after he fell out with the then Chief Minister and DMK supremeo M.Karunanidhi, in the early 70's. No wonder Sarath Kumar has kept the same title for his first release after the launch of his political party!

The similarity ends there, as this 2007 venture is a sort of faithful scene to scene remake of Dileep's Malayalam film Lion. The Mallu original was a satirical look at a real life Kerala Minister who was corrupt and running politics and administration along with his I.A.S and I.P.S son's-in-law!

His son a 'Mr. Clean' comes along exposes the corrupt family and later becomes a Home Minister who cleanses the system from within and becomes a mass hero. All this is told in light hearted manner with a Dileep comic touch.

Sarath and director Suresh has kept the theme of politics as family business, and added a lot of heroism to the central character and made him a one-man fighting machine! A Home Minister, who single handedly beats up a dozen thugs in a market place and saves the heroine (after a couple of hip-hop dream numbers!) and marries her in a registrar's office!

And in the climax, the HM goes after the killer of his father and guns him down! Well Sarath is on the right track as in Tamilnadu only action heroes who play larger than life mass characters have clicked in politics like MGR and Vijaykanth!

Ramesh Kanna, who acts as a comic side kick of the corrupt minister has also written the script of the film. He has laced the film with some recent political happenings and makes barbed references to ruling and opposition parties in the state. Nassar playing the corrupt minister Aalavanthan is very good, while Sarath as his son Muthu is dashing and looks great in designer Khadi.

On the downside the film is too long, the politicians and the baddies are stereotypes whom you have seen in earlier films, the heroine Karthika known for her girl-next-door type roles in Malayalam lacks glamour, is uncomfortable in hip clothes and singing dream songs! Technically the film is tacky with far too many goof-up's.

Verdict- Masala Propaganda

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