Namukku Parkkaan

Namukku Parkkaan


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 02 July 2012

Movie Title

Namukku Parkkaan


Aji John

Star Cast

Anoop Menon, Meghna Raj

It is perhaps mandatory for every Malayali hero to play a ?vellyettan? (elder brother) role at some point of their career. Director Aji John?s Namukku Parkkaan has Anoop Menon playing such a character.

All the ?branded? features required for the role as per conventional wisdom is there in veterinary doctor Rajeevan (Anoop Menon). He is a virtuous family man, with a loving wife Renuka teacher (Meghna Raj) and two daughters. In the efforts to make his elder brother Balan (Tini Tom) and younger brother Prasad (Sudheesh) settle down, Rajeevan?s dreams to build a house gets sidelined. The whole film is about his struggle to build a house.

It is a familiar situation here too with every clich?d character that you would expect in such a storyline in attendance. The brothers who are well settled, an ailing sister who had to marry a good for nothing man, their mother suffering in the midst of all these confusions and the quintessential ?ammavan? (uncle), who will have an opinion about virtually anything.

It may be modeled on the TV potboilers, but the film has some nice moments as well. The script by Jayan-Sunoj is pretty good and Aji John has made it into a watchable film. Neatly written dialogues, nice visuals and good music adds to the film?s effect.

Anoop Menon, with his trademark style of dialogue delivery and casual style is impressive. He shares a good chemistry with Meghna Raj, who is also nice in her role. Among the rest of the cast, Tini Tom barely looks like Anoop?s elder brother but the others are fine.

Though it could be a spoiler, watch out for a nice show from Jayasurya, in a brief appearance. He has tried something different and this could rate among his finest performances during recent times.

Go with not much expectation and chances are that you may find ?Namukku Parkkaan? as a not so bad one-time watch. The decision is yours!

Verdict: Average

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