Nanna Olavina Banna

Nanna Olavina Banna



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 06 March 2010

Movie Title

Nanna Olavina Banna



Star Cast

Somashekar, Shantala, Ashwini

This flick created a lot of buzz during its filming. The title is the opening line of a very popular track from the mega hit Bandhana film featuring Vishnuvardhana and Suhasini.

Nanna Olvina Banna is directed by Bhushan who has been designing Upendra?s posters and publicity stills. The young director had claimed that it would be a completely ?colorful film?. Unfortunately, the movie is colorless and dull with a story that goes nowhere.

The story is about a village boy who dreams of colours all the time. He movies to a city in search of livelihood and joins an arts school. He meets several promising stars at the school. He also happens to bump into the female lead in the school. The female lead, at times, behaves like a split personality reminding the Nagavalli character from Aapta Mitra. She is also responsible for the hero?s swinging fortunes. Eventually, he reaches the point from where he started.

A boring narrative makes the movie agonizing to watch. Editing has gone horribly wrong with some scenes losing connection. The audience has the task of connecting the two scenes. The director, it seems has tried to experiment with the movie like his idol Upendra, but has failed miserably. Most of the time, the female lead in the movie is seen performing various classical dance forms, which completely appears out of context. More than acting, she is seen dancing in the movie.

All the artistes are first-time performers on the big screen. Only the male lead Somashekar is impressive when compared to the rest of the cast. The absence of comedy element makes the flick even more dull. Music by Manohar is average. Cinematography is ok. The director has needlessly splashed colors in the movie to give it a "colorful" look.

Verdict: Average

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